Don't know what needles pattern wants?

Have a pattern for mittens the requirements don’t call for dpn but when you start to begin (in the pattern) it starts talking about dividing onto three needles. I don’t understand if I shuld use straight or not? The pattern does not call for it? This is confusing if anyone can help that would be great.

Definitely sounds like dpns if you’re dividing onto 3 needles. Perhaps the pattern just assumes you already know that small diameter knitting requires dpns, 2 circs, or magic loop on one long circ. Not very nice to assume that, though! :slight_smile:

yeah but the pattern starts out with the cuffs of the mittens. Also you are supposed to two strands of boucle so I just don’t get it can I do it without the dpn? cause the smallest diameter would be on the thumb obviously I just want to make sure that start it right. Thank you for replying.:slight_smile:

also if it does call for dpn do they actually make size 11 dpn?


Yes, there’s size 11 dpns, but they’re hard to find. You can use 2 circulars or one about 29-32" long and do Magic Loop.

“Small” diameter circular knitting means smaller than your typical circular needle. The diameter of your wrist is smaller than a circular needle, so you’ll need to do it on dpns.* Yes, they do make size 11 dpns, but as Sue said, they’re hard to find. I can’t answer your question about the 2 strands of boucle without seeing the pattern- can you link to it, or type up that part of it here?

*Or 2 circulars, or magic loop. But you can’t do it with straight needles unless you want to seam them up.

thanx for the replies I am going to try and find dpn 11 and go from there. I haven’t used dpn needles yet so that will be cool thanx guys.