Done! - hoover dk blanket

this is my first continental thing ever, and I made a mistake, but I can’t fix it because it’s also double knit.
and it’s cotton, which I haven’t really blocked before.
so I was wondering - does anyone have an opinion on whether or not this will even out later?
and would you ever give this to anyone as a present for their baby? (she is a non-knitter, so she will probably overlook some things … but still.)
should I just take it apart and let it decide what it wants to be later?


That’s going to be really pretty!

Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I certainly wouldn’t worry about a little thing like that. And if someone gave it to me for my baby I’d be thrilled!

The only one who will notice that is you I bet so I would not worry about it once that is finished and it has been moved around you probably won’t even be able to find it again.Keep going it looks great so far!:thumbsup:

Mistakes add character to the piece. Knit on. :thumbsup:


I am more worried about how uneven all the stitches are.
it’s [I]seriously[/I] crooked.

but I guess I will just see what happens a little while longer anyway…

here it is:

this was such a good way to learn continental, which I would [I]never [/I]have managed without this site!
and now I really like it!
when I was first actually doing it it was like watching my great-grandmother when I was very small.

a little sad.

& now I know why knitting is supposed to be soothing. (no more yanking.) and no fish down my nightshirt or anything.

I hope it looks ok. (I did end up fixing the mistake. and one last thing I learned: dk knitting looks really cool when you frog it!)

That looks fabulous! I love the red and white combo!

That does look great and super soft!

So you took out your little bitty mistake? It’s hard to be a perfectionist, but I understand. :slight_smile:

Your blanket looks very nice. I’m glad you are liking Continental method. I love it too.

So, this is double knitting. Are the stripes on the other side red and white, but the colors are opposite, and it is stockinette on both sides? I have only done one little potholder using that technique. I admire your stick-to-it ability to do a whole blanket this way.

Your gift should be well received. But you said the gal who is getting this isn’t a knitter, so she will not be as impressed as she should be. :slight_smile:

it was the other thread that did it to me, where everyone said they loved their imperfect knitting after they spent as long as it took to make it perfect. :teehee:

it is stockinette on both sides and the stripes are just like you said. it would have been boring except for learning to knit while making it and watching the yarns not cross somehow. (& even then I was about to scream towards the end.) so I don’t think I’ll be making another one, although I do think it would make an awesome beach blanket…

thanks for the votes of confidence! :cheering: & it is super soft. kona bay is fantastic.

I started on this project and had to abandon it when I discovered I was doing something wrong . . . anyway, you did a great job! You’ve inspired me to go back to mine.

Rebecca, The blanket looks awesome. :cheering:
I like the red and white stripes very much.

[B]I think it looks GREATTT!!! What kind if yarn did yiou use? It looks SO SOFT!

What a pretty blanket! The colors are great!

I love the colors you chose for this blanket, it looks so pretty!