Donate for Fundraiser for Kim Family

For those of you who dont know the Kim’s, a family from San Francisco on their way home from Thanksgiving in Oregon were stranded in the snow for 9 days. The wife Kati and their two girls Penelope 4 and Sabine 7 months were rescued and in good health. Their dad James had gone out to find help and didn’t make it.

So many of us don’t know the family except through others on the net. It’s so easy to see that any of us could be in the situation of that family.

The fundraiser is being organized. The details are still sketchy. But they want people to donate crafts to be sold (or auctioned). They are still not sure about where the funds will go, but probably to the rescue effort.

I don’t have any Christmas knitting going so I’ll start something, and probably do some crafts as well.

I’ll keep updating this.

Thanks for posting this. I thought this was only Oregon news but my mum called me from Massachusetts about it. Isn’t Jame’s wife on a knitting/crafty listserv? Anyway, its such a sad story. I’ve driven by these mountains and they can be really dangerous at times. SOme of the locals are saying that raod should be closed in the winter. Yes its beautiful but its dangerous. Anyway, I woudl love to make something or participate in some way. Thanks for posting :heart:

thanks for posting this. It was a big story here in Seattle too. I don’t know them personally but I am just heartbroken for the family. What I can’t get over is James died not knowing that his family was safe. I think it’s been really emotional for everyone because there was such a possiblity of finding him & everyone did everything they could, including Kati and James. It would be nice to try and assist the family any way we can as a craft community. :heart:

Oh Slgn, I didn’t even think about that. I guess I have just been concentrating on him thinking he was doing what he was supposed to and he didnt know the end was coming for him.

I hated that I couldn’t help in any way being so far away, but feeling that I can help pay for the search (or whatever they determine the money for) is bringing me a bit of peace. I got overwhelmed with it as well, checking the website every hour to see if there was any new news. Feeling so deeply for the women, his wife, daughters, his mother, and all of their family and friends.

Well good news! The auction was reported in a local paper there in SF and they have too many donations! And are having to decide what to accept. Which is wonderful.

I am going to finish my piece and give it to another charity in his honor.

Wow. That’s amazing. But really I shouldn’t be too surprised… crafters have big hearts after all. They should take as much as they can get and have multiple auctions to make college funds for the daughters.

From Bird in the Hand:
The auction site will be launched tomorrow (Friday) and the auction will begin January 3rd (lasting for five days).

[color=blueviolet]I’m so heartbroken over this. I actually talked to James in one of the TechTV chats a few years back, before the G4 disaster. It’s so sad. I’m really gonna miss watching him on CNET. I always looked his segments. Be sure to check out the CNET Tribute Video.[/color]