Dolls house projects?

Hi has anyone any knit pattern sites for minature dolls for a dolls house or for any knitting pattern for dolls house items? I’m wondering about making my own pattern if I can’t find any but it’d be easier to find one online lol . thanks Denise

I had a big wooden doll house years ago but sold it when we moved from Alaska. I had wallpaper the rooms etc. I loved it…but back to your question.

I’m not aware of any knitting patterns but you could probably come up with a few easy one such as blankets for the beds or knit a few rugs.

My gd is 3 and I plan to buy her a doll house for Christmas…God willing.
Keep us posted if you come across any patterns for a doll house. Good luck! :smiley:

Hi thankyou for your reply, It was a childhood dolls house that set off my interest again aren’t those memories magic! your dolls house sounded great .I’ll keep surfing and thanks for that I was just wondering if I could knit dolls and as you say the rugs and coverings.Your grandaughter will love a dolls house for christmas,those memories last forever! Was hoping to find patterns on the web but no luck so far. perhaps I’ll invent some patterns myself lol. cheers Denise :thumbsup:

Here is a page that has a lot of dolls and doll clothing patterns.

Thanks lots Jenelle much appreciated. :XX:

Try Googling “miniature knitting” and you should get some sites. I have seen one or two things of a mini nature posted once in a while so there’s gotta be “how to’s” out there :thumbsup:

thanks binkykat will do that :thumbsup: