Doll Clothes with Sport Weight Yarn?

I posted this in the Pattern forum on Ravelry, but I’m not confident that I’ll get replies there. I should have posted it here first! :blush:

I have some sport weight acrylic yarn that I bought on clearance from Michael’s a year or so ago. (They are all Red Heart Designer Sport.) I bought six skeins for $1 each, thinking they would be good for teaching myself how to knit socks.

I don’t want to knit socks anymore.

They are two skeins each of three colors – red, grape and dutch blue – and they do not play well together. (I was considering multicolor blanket or shawl until I put them all together.)

Then I thought of doll clothes. I did a little bit of searching in the database, but it’s a bit overwhelming and difficult for me to figure out what exactly I am looking for.

While my daughter only has a 12” doll at the moment and isn’t interested in putting clothes on it, eventually she will probably have one of the bigger American Girl sized ones that I could dress for her.

I’m an infrequent knitter, so while I knit at a reasonable pace, I can go days without picking up a project and so it takes a very long time for me to finish something. Eventually I would like to make sweaters for myself, but given my current knitting “schedule”, I’d like to initially practice on something smaller anyway.

After all that, my basic question is: can you please recommend to me doll clothes patterns that use sport weight yarn?


This site has a bunch of barbie clothes, some might be able to be done in sport weight even if they call for fingering weight, it’s not a lot heavier. Did you find anything at This ravelry search for Barbie and sport weight brought up a few.

Oops. I meant 12" baby dollsas opposed to 14" or 18" ones. I didn’t even think about Barbie dolls!

Ohhh, google for “12” baby doll knit patterns" and you should come up with some.

Thanks for all your help, Sue. :slight_smile: I can’t believe I didn’t think to try google!

Sometimes you can get what you want from it without wading through dozens of pages.