Doggie sweaters

My boyfriend and I just adopted a lab/greyhound mix, and being the obsessed knitter that I am of course, my first thought was, “I can knit him a sweater!” Mind you, I’ve never knitted anything more complicated than fingerless mitts, and I’ve only learned to knit about 4 months or so ago. I’m looking at this pattern here that allows you to customize the fit to your dog, but just reading it is making my brain hurt. Is this too ambitious, do you think? Do you guys know of any other doggie sweater patterns that may be a lot less complicated that are more suitable for a somewhat advanced beginner?

Laura, I liked the Basic Coat from Patons #939 A Dog’s Life. YMMV. :hug:

You can see more of the patterns in this book on Ravelry here:

Oh, yeah, made my brain hurt too! I’d done fingerless mitts and realized:figureditout: a chihuahua sweater would need two openings for legs instead of just one for a thumb, thus was born the Mutt Mitt. I don’t know if you could use the same method for a larger dog, but I just figured out how many stitches for the sweater to go around the dog, started with ribbing, then continued in stockinette after the ribbed neck and did two openings. I worked flat on the front and back sections then joined them to go back to working in the round. On one I used short rows to make the back longer. One got ribbing round the leg openings. Ribbing at the bottom helps keep it in place and prevent curling. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing.

No, a dog sweater shouldn’t be too ambitious, just pick one that looks doable. If you want to work flat, there are patterns for that too.

Oh, these greyhound sweater patterns look adorable. Or maybe it’s just the greyhounds! Here’s a pattern and also one for the smaller Italian greyhounds. Both are on Ravelry which is free to join.

Hi, I’ve been gone for a while and now I’m back! I have a 7 lb little yorkie. He has thin hair and likes to be covered up most of the time. I can’t find a pattern sm. enough for him. Any idea would help :slight_smile:

Hi. I came across this one, I think someone on the forums posted it, i haven’t tried it out yet. My DD’s family has chihuahuas.

Oh darn, I wish I had checked back and seen those greyhound sweaters earlier! They are so handsome!! I already started the pattern I linked earlier, because I’m incredibly impatient. Lol. Oh well. So far no problems, but I foresee some problems when I get to the armholes, so I will probably be posting some questions!

Thanks for all the suggestions! I did like that Basic Coat pattern too, but I didn’t want to run out and get the book. Like I said, I’m impatient. :teehee: