Doggie Blanket(Cabled with paws)?

Does anyone know a good pattern for a puppy blanket? Not a large one because my dog is only about 7 lbs. :slight_smile: I’m in love with cables so anyone with cables will do. I also found a paw print pattern but I have no idea how to actually put it in a blanket. I would like to be able to incorporate both the paw print and the cables into one blanket. I don’t know if what I’m asking is possible but if it is please let me know :slight_smile:

Any blanket made smaller work for for a dog blanket as well as a human. To add the paw you could leave out a cable in the center and add a few paws. It’ll require some finagling though.

Here’s a few cabled patterns.

Thanks so much Jan :slight_smile: . That first blanket is exactly what I was looking for.