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Hi I am somewhat new to knitting, just made a hat (yeah) and I wanted to make a dog sweater for my littlel 11 pound bichon. She has some knitted bought sweathers that I can measure but I went on you tube and the only video I can find does not have sound. I do well with videos opposed to just reading a pattern.
Do you have any recommendation to a video I can watch to make a little dog sweater

I don’t know of a video for making a dog sweater. Generally I don’t think dog sweaters are hard, but without a pattern it requires a lot of measurements. I suggest starting with a pattern and asking here for help. We can direct you to specific videos for parts of it or help with others.

Not sure what kind of sweater you’re looking for, but here’s some ideas for simple ones.

I have made numerous sweaters for my dog and for friends of mine. Most of the patterns are fairly easy to follow, can be adjusted for different size dogs and are basically worked in stockinette or garter stitch and can be found on line for free. As you progress you will find that you can adjust the patterns to have leg coverings. Find a pattern that you like and I would be happy along with the rest of the community to help you through your project:smile:

If you go to the Bernat website you should find a free pattern for a hooded dog sweater. Hope this helps

you might be interested to look at this too

I have a sweater pattern I invented and wrote up for my 15 lb Boston terrier worked in the round using sport weight wool from Knit picks and I added fairisle design. It’s very comfy for Sage and I made 2 that she wears 24/7. I find wool is best as it shapes to her body. If you are interested I can send it to you or post it here.

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Welcome to the forum!
That dog sweater is darling and look comfy on your terrier. Why not post the pattern on Ravelry? I’m sure it would be popular.

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It is adorable. How is the neck done? I too have knitted 4 sweaters for my dog…he is big 85 lbs and i use a pattern from Lion Brand called Fancy Fur Microspun Turtleneck Dog sweater, pattern #50570. I actually am finishing one off now and the one thing i like about my pattern is that it covers his front legs. I do agree that you should post it on Ravelry it is a god time of the year to knit a sweater for that special animal in your life. Good luck with it and i will look for the pattern myself cause i am also knitting sweaters for my friends animals and it would be great working on a different pattern for a change.

Hi Thank you for the complements! Maybe in the future will post it on Ravelry. I will take a pic of the neck, it’s a bit narrower in the neck with ribbing. I did a couple of versions of the colorwork. I personally like working with wool. Have found it’s better to design one’s own as each dog needs a specific fit otherwise the neck can be an issue.


Note: This is a bare bones pattern I wrote up–very basic

Yarn: Wool of The Andes sport weight by knitpics
Needles 3 mm and 3 3/4 mm dpns

Sage’s measurements:
Neck - 13"
Girth - 19"
Neck to tail - 16"


General plan: Start with the Collar and work down. Work will be divided at front of shoulder into 2 pieces, the Back which will have 56-57 sts and front (chest) with 30

Cast on 52 stitches So we have 52 sts on 3 needles.
Work several inches of rib on 3 mm
Work stockingette, and Inc over several rows the way you like best, so needles 1 and 2 have 28 sts each and needle 3 has 30
After inc and changing to 3 3/4 mm dpns work in stocking st for several rows.
Move the 30 sts on 3rd dpn to large st holder and ignore while working the top.

The top (back) piece for the dogs back will be 56 or 57 sts currently divided into 2 dpns.

Decide on the graph you want to use and start after your increases. In my case my main colour is grass green:
a). 2 rows green,
b). 2 rows purple.
c) 2 rows green
d) next green row I did 2 sts green, 2 sts contrast colour, 2 sts green until end of row.
e) rep d)
d) start again a)

Keep going straight until 1" short of finished length
Add several rows of green 2 x 2 ribbing, cast off leaving long strand

Go back and pick up needle with chest piece and work on that in plain green increasing where you think your dog might need it. I inc several stitches in beg of row about 1/2 way her tummy, and cont in st st for length you want of tummy piece less an inch then work ribbing.
Maybe baste side seem and try on dog to see where to place leg holes. Then finish off by sewing side seams together leaving generous room for front legs.
Finish off leg holes as desired

Leg holes
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
2 2 2 2 2 2. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2 2
(These represent 2 k and 2 p)
Pick up 48 or 52 sts around opening to make the 2 knit purls work out and work however long you want to leg cuffs to be.

Enjoy for yourself but please do not publish pattern as your own.


Thank you for sharing your pattern i will give it a try on the next small dog sweater i knit. Thanks again

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Just finished my lastest dog sweater. I am so happy as the winter weather here in New York has begun. Will be posting a picture some time today when i can figure how to do it.

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