Dog Sweater Help

Hi Everyone - I’m new to this site. I looked around at other boards and found that this one seems to be the most active and helpful. I hope someone here can help me. I haven’t knitted in nearly 30 years, but have been inspired to pick it back up by my dogs - they are kind of an in-between size and I can never find sweaters that fit them well. Anyway, I started a very basic sweater from the Leisure Arts book Dog Gone Cute. According to them, it’s “easy,” but I’m stuck. I have gotten through the collar and the beginning of the body, but when I get to the arm holes, I don’t understand the instructions at all. The last row I did was:

[B]Leg Openings: 1st row:[/B] K7. Bind off next 6 sts. K56(including st on needle after bind off). Bind of next 6 sts. Knit to end of row.

Okay, did that. But now it says:

[I][B]Note:[/B] All Leg Sections are worked at the same time using a separate ball of yarn for each section.[/I]
Beg with a purl row, work 1-1/2" in stocking st from bound off sts, ending with RS facing for next row.

Huh? I don’t really understand this. Do I need to do the three sections separately? What about my needles? How do I get over the bound off stitches? I hope I’m explaining my confusion in a non-confusing way! :wink:

This won’t help you with this particular problem, but someone else will chime in shortly and sort that out. Meanwhile, I noticed on Ravelry that there is errata listed for this pattern (at least I think it’s the one you’re working on):

Not sure what size you’re making but thought I’d post this while I’m thinking about it.

You can do the 3 sections separately, but you can also work all across the split row, just using a separate yarn end for each section. That will make sure you have the same measurement in each part. So from where you are now, turn and purl to where you bound off, drop that yarn, pick up a new end and purl the back sts to the other leg opening, drop the yarn and pick up a new end (can be the other end of one of the balls you’re working with), and purl the last section. Turn and do the same on the knit row - drop the working yarn and pick up the yarn that’s attached to the next set of stitches and knit them with it, drop the yarn, pick up the other one and finish the row.

When you get the 1½" knit, end with a WS row and ready to work a knit row and this time you’ll cast on across the bound off stitches to join all the stitches back into one piece again.

Thanks so much suzeeq - now [I]that[/I] I understand!


And thanks also Antares - yes, I do believe that is my sweater. I’m making a medium, so it looks like I’m okay.

Hi Everyone - I’m new to this site. I looked around at other boards and found that this one seems to be the most active and helpful. I hope someone here can help me.

This is a recurring theme and why most of us are here! We like to learn from the best. Welcome to Knitting Help!

Thank you GrumpyGramma. I spent about a week trying to find someone I know who could help me and the closest I could come was a co-worker’s mother has a friend who might be able to help, but after 5 days of waiting, I gave up and found this board and got my answer in less than a half hour. Awesome! I am now beyond the armholes and working on the body. I’m sure my questions aren’t over yet and I’m so glad you all are here and so helpful.

Well, we’re glad you found us and we’re always ready for more questions. I hope we get to see the finished sweater, too!

Thanks salmonmac. Whether it turns our right or not, I will definitely post a pic and hope I don’t embarrass myself. One of my little cuties will be modeling it, though, so that should help! You know, I forgot how addictive knitting can be. Those five days when I was in limbo, I was actually anxious about getting back to it. It’s very relaxing.

You’ve learned more than you realize. When you get to making a sweater, you’ll already know how to work the two front sides at the same time, something many patterns call for. If your pattern doesn’t, you’ll be able to do it anyway. You’ve already learned some of the most important things in knitting. When I first posted here I was shocked at how quickly I got a response.

Hi ladies, I’m back. I am now here (with 82 stitches):

[B]Back Shaping:[/B] Bind off 9 sts beg of next 2 rows. 64 sts.
[B]Next row:[/B] Sl1K. K1. psso. Knit to last 2 sts. K2tog.
[B]Next row:[/B] Purl.
Rep last 2 rows until there are 42 sts.

First of all, when it says to bind off stitches at the beginning of the next two rows, do I bind off at the end of the row as well? Or bind off at the beginning, then knit to the end of the row and then turn and bind off at the beginning of the purl row?

[B]Or bind off at the beginning, then knit to the end of the row and then turn and bind off at the beginning of the purl row?[/B]

Yup, that’s right, you can only BO at the beginning of a row.

That’s why it says: Bind off 9 sts [B]beg of next 2 rows.[/B] 64 sts.

Isn’t learning to read knitting fun? LOL

Thanks GrumpyGramma. You’re definitely right - I’m learning! :thumbsup: I feel kind of dumb with these questions, but I’d rather ask than have to rip it out or get way off track. I just feel a lot more confident that this thing is actually going to turn out right now that I’ve got support from all of you.

Please don’t feel dumb - you just don’t know yet, and how are you going to learn if you don’t ask questions about what you don’t understand? Just keep asking them and we’ll help you out.

I’m almost finished! I’m just working on the ribbing around the bottom of the sweater, then I have some ribbing around the leg holes and I’m done. My seam from the neck to the belly is kind of crude, but it will do for my first sweater. I’ve learned a lot with this one, so my next one should be better. :thumbsup: