Dog Sweater for a Great Dane

I am looking for a pattern for a dog sweater that is big enough for a Great Dane. I am a begginer-intermediate knitting, so it can’t be too hard. For example…I still have a phobie of dble pointed needles :slight_smile: If no one has any sweater pattern ideas…what are some other fun “pet” patterns?? Thanks!

Here at the bottom of the page The Basic Hound Hoodie and the Dangerous Liasons patterns have formulas for sizes up to Great Danes, and have guidelines how to measure your dog.

I haven’t looked them over closely enough to see if they require DPNs or not. :wink:

:roflhard: A Dane sweater would be a gas!
I grew up with Great Dane Harlequins. We used t-shirts and a sweat shirt for ours. Our’s were ninnies about the cold because they do not have heavy coats. (When Reagan had a few litters we put a tight t-shirt a.k.a. a bra, on her when she’d go outside right after the litter was born so as not to ruin her lovely show body with the load of all of that new milk, lol!
As you may know, Halequins are very big, and tall and tend to run a bit thinner than their cousins of other coat types. I sure miss them. Our male Mack (General Hills MacAurthur) Boomed when he barked, but he was SO sweet, and did I mention stupid? His mother Reagan was spookey smart. Nothing got past her. We had Mac with her and then Scooby after her hoping for another smart one like her. She was a one in a million. Scooby was a spook. He got scarey, even with good training.
A couple with no children took him and put him on anti-anxiety meds. Sad…
Well, anyhow, sorry. No advice about a sweater. My mom made a pack for Mac though. We used to put little bits of food from the store in it. Not too practical though. One of us had to stay outside the store with him.

There was a recent thread at about a dog sweater. A woman made a turtleneck for her tiny tiny dog. She gave directions so you could fit it to any size animal.


Here’s the pattern for greyhounds. But if you want to modify it to fit a great dane, it’s pretty easy to do. If you don’t want cable, just skip the cable part, do a rib pattern. If you don’t want leg holes, just knit a belly band with some buttons instead of the leg holes. Pretty easy to do.