Dog Sweater Bunching at Shoulders

This is the sweater I made my dog two years ago. I made it based off of the pattern recommendations for his girth. It fits great except that it bunches like this at the shoulders. I want to start making more dog sweaters, possibly to sell, but want to make sure I can avoid this problem when making them custom. At first I thought the arm holes were made too far back and that was pulling the sweater forward. But I measured my dog and the arm holes are actually too far forward by about an inch. Is it possible for that to cause this bunching somehow? I don’t really see how it could but visualizing isn’t my strong suit.

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Can you please tell us the name of the pattern? Don’t post the pattern here (copyright issues), but a link would be helpful.

It is the classic Aran by Patons

Thanks. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Look at the project pages and you’ll see that a lot of them bunch at the neck/shoulders. If you knit the neck longer it will bunch more when they put their head up. A shorter neck or maybe some short row shaping might help.

I just posted on the “Ease” in Dog Sweaters question, but some of that may be pertinent to you, too. Here’s what I said:
I’ve been playing around with dog sweaters, too – am now on #3, and each is an experiment. I’m using a free pattern from Ravelry ( which can be made for any size; you take measurements, then calculate required stitches, following the instructions. (It helps to read comment pages to see other people’s experiences; I discovered that way that a large dog’s fit may not perfectly match the basic calculations . . . . ) The only mention of ease in that one that I remember was at the beginning (for the neck); you can add an inch after you’ve made the calculations if you have an animal that doesn’t like to wear something tight. That, of course, will generate ease the rest of the way down, it seems.
You might want to look at that other question if you’ve not seen it already; perhaps some other comments will be of use to you.

Thank you all for the help, I think I’ve figured out why it happens and it seems somewhat unavoidable. That pattern, or more the notes of various people’s projects, is extremely helpful justfriends, so thank you so much for that!