Dog snood pattern

I found a pattern for a dog snood . i made the snood on straight needles and sewed the seam . It turned out well and its the perfect size for my Chihuahua . I would like to make it on circular needles . Can someone help me with the length of cord i would need for my needles . for 48 stiches
Here is what the pattern calls for

3,5mm (US 4) double- pointed needles
Minpin sized dog to humiliate
Made for minpin head.
Length: 18cm
Circumference (in stockinet te): 30cm
cast on 48 stiches

Can you link to the pattern? A picture of it? What’s it called? Where is the icord used?

Its on ravelry and its called
To humiliate the dog . The free pattern can be downloaded but it said i am not supposed to repost

You can still post a few lines to ask for help, but I think we have all the information we need to help you.

“Circumference (in stockinette): 30cm”

That would be about 12" and while they make 9 and 12" circulars, many people find them a pain to work with as the tips are very short. However, you can use longer circs - 24 to 32" and use the magic loop or single loop techniqus. Magic loop is show on the Advanced techniques page, and SL can be viewed at One Loop (Travelling Loop Method)

If you’re going to use more stitches, you can probably do one on a 16" circ.

To Humiliate The Dog Is this it? I’m going to d/l it, my DD’s family has 'huas.

ETA: I can’t read! I thought you were asking about I cord. No wonder I couldn’t find where it’s used. :chair:

I just read the information at ravelry - size 4 needles with bulky yarn!?!? That must be awfully hard to work with, I’d suggest a fingering or sport weight instead. Some people used worsted and cast on more stitches, though they may have needed to make a larger size.

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I saw I-cord too. Guess we’re both dyslexic this morning. :thud:

Y’all sort of got I cord out of this - “length of [I]cord i [/I]would need”

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Thanks everyone so much . My little chihuahua loves to walk about 2 KM every day . He loves to be warm so a good coat and this snood and he is all set . I made it on straight needles and sewed up the seam . I do not put the ears on it . Guess its like a tube sock . but for the head . Greyhounds need thse because they have not much fur . I want to try it on the circular needles but didn’t know how long a cord to attach to the tips . I have a set of the Denise interchangeable needles . I don’t knit much so I knew someone here would know how long a cord for the 48 stitches .
Thanks for the help

yes this is it

I used a 5mm straight needle and a worsted and it fit chico fine . I knitted for 6 inches and it was fine for him perfect fit
I would post a picture of him in the snood If i knew how to attach

Forgot how to attach a photo . Here is Chico wearing a snood and his winter coat ready for a winter walk