Dog Lovers Knitalong: Pawprint Dishcloth


I have been wanting to make this pawprint dishcloth forever now. It’s very easy- all knits and purls.

Here’s the pattern link:

It’s also on Ravelry for you Ravelry members. It’s designed by Rhonda White.

Anyways, so if anyone wants to knit it with me, that’d be great. Also, since it’s so small, we could maybe knit it at the same time, like the 2009 New Year’s KAL. Just a thought, though.

Just let me know if you want to knit it with me!

This is the cutest thing! I want to make one for my dog-lovin’ daughter (who is 31 and childless by choice). Her dog is her baby, she told me it’s the only grandchild I’m going to get from her, so I must love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will knit along with you. Should the yarn be cotton? I have some blue and some yellow cotton dishcloth yarn.

I made that a couple of years ago and it is cute. Make sure to use a plain colour yarn for the pattern to stand out. Happy knitting. :knitting:

Yes, it should be cotton… also, if you know of anyone else that wants to knit it, that’d be great. Also, if we have enough people, we could knit it all at the same time, in the chat… it’s so small!

Well…I can’t play until I get home next week. I’ll check in about Tuesday to see if you’re still on.

I just started mine today; only got 8 rows done: (it should knit up quickly!) Fun! Think I’ll make bunches of these, in different colors. They’d make great Xmas gifts for next year!

It’s evening now, and I got this much done. Putting it away until tomorrow.

as you can tell, I’m not a professional knitter…still getting holes here and there, hoping they will close up when washed and blocked.
It’s a pretty easy pattern, but you really have to watch the counting. I find that slipping the first stitch of every row, instead of knitting it, makes a nicer edge.
I don’t think I would use yellow again…I suspect that darker colors will show up the paw print better.

Sure, I’ll do it! It’s adorable! I have quite a few dog lovin’ friends, and of course, I have to admit, we own 4 dogs! :happydance:

Hey ArtLady, nice to see you in here! Can’t wait to see how many you make, and in what colors - and how fast you can knit one up.

I did this one in about 5-6 hours over 2 days:

Now I need to wash and block it, weave in ends.

Here it is, wet:

Notes to self for next one:

  1. Try different needles than these plastic ones.
  2. Use darker yarn.
  3. maybe better cotton if can find it.
  4. Keep notepad handy, check off each row as I go along.

Well, this little pattern was easy! Fun, too!

I use [B]white cotton[/B] cuz colors can’t be bleached.

I use Clorox Cleanup to spritz my dishcloths to remove coffee stains and tomato based stains. Colors won’t allow the bleaching. Been there, done that. Also, I’ve found that Sugar ‘n’ Cream cotton dishcloths fade very fast. Even without bleaching. My sunshine yellow dishcloths are now cream, and my french blue dishcloths are gray. :?? Maybe its my TIDE liquid detergent.

I’m gonna send this pawprint dishcloth (with the scrubbie I made last month) to my SIL who lives in Birch Tree, Missouri. She loves dogs and takes in every homeless stray that wanders by! :heart:

BTW: the scrubbie was knit with one strand of white cotton and 1.5" wide nylon netting strips. The nylon strips are colorfast. You can bleach them til the cows come home and they retain full brilliant color! :thumbsup:

Nice dishcloths, I think I might make one. I have made a couple of the scrubbies and they work great. Even made one for my MIL who wants some more.

I was going to stop on my way home from work tonight to get yarn, the Sugar and Cream as I know I can get that locally. Now I’m not so sure. What cotton yarn is everyone use and like for projects like these?


I don’t like the cotton yarn I used, it was from Mom’s stash, so I’m going out to look for nicer stuff. I suppose white is a good idea, for bleaching…but not nearly as much fun, boohoo.

I do bleach my colored ones, and then they look pastel.

Ooooh! I want in on it. Cute dishcloth!

So I finished a second one,(green) in nicer yarn that I got from Smiley’s yarns. I think it t looks much nicer than the first one. A more ‘pearlized’ cotton is what I prefer.

Looks great, Woodi! Thanks again!


I saw this pattern and thought it was adorable. But I switched it up a bit; I also saw a baby bib pattern that I wanted to try (in the Mason Dixon knitting book), so I combined the two. The main part of the bib was just about the same size as the dischcloth, so I figured, what the heck! I used Sugar and cream, a lavender color.

This bib is so adorable! what a creative mind you have! Congrats on it, I love it.

LOVE the bib!:muah: