Dog knits

I just ran across these…thought I’d share :slight_smile:
picture 1picture 2picture 3

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:shifty: Good lord! :rollseyes:

You said it!

I can picture Howie in that little hat though.

:rofling: :rofling:

OMG, that first little puppy looks like an Ewok!!!

Totally … :roflhard:

I like the ewokian getup, but I’m sure neither dog would go for it…


Looks like that one dog in your avatar already looks like an Ewok!

Sally NEVER sits so still when she’s wearing a sweater or shirt…or whatever…I may put sweaters on my dog…but I REFUSE to do the shoe thing! We were at the mall yesterday, walked by a kiosk with doggie goodies and they had shoes everywhere for dogs…I’m sorry, IMHO…that’s stupid :rollseyes:

Apparently there have been dogs electrocuted walking over metal grates in NYC, (I can’t recall if they were the delivery elevators or some kind of electrical transformer) so dog shoes are a good idea, in some cases. My best Shih Tzu friend wears them in the winter or she won’t go outside to GO. :doh:

That Shih Tzu’s headgear would be perfect for an Ewok costume if it were done in camo yarn!

Somebody suggested I make that thing for Howie! :rollseyes: He’s a MAN for gawd’s sake!! :roflhard:

OMG, those are too cute!!!


Love how the hats have holes for the ears (and special ear covers in the first one!) That’s hysterical.

I actually really like the cardi on the left. Not just a dog sweater; a dog cardi. I love it! :smiley:

:roflhard: Trust the japanese to come up with an idea like that.

Where can I find the patternfor the first picture… Pebbles MUST have that hat!!!

Howie thinks Pebbles is HOT. :eyebrow:

she has the link to where she got it

It would’ve been much more helpful if she gave the ISBN like this person did. I’m sure you could track it down if you email the blog owner…depends on how bad Pebbles needs the ewok hat! :slight_smile:

I saw that someone was linking to some photos on my blog and came here to check it out. Isn’t it a silly book?

I usually do list ISBNs when I post about Japanese books, but unfortunately, there was no ISBN listed on this book. If you were curious about that you could have just asked by commenting on my post.

I checked out the Blog from teruterubouzu, and I saw the catalog that the patterns came from. They are probably in Japaneese though. I have a hard enough time knitting in English… :smiley:

Maybe I could just try to make my own pattern ((how difficult could it be))… Pebbles only weighs 2 pounds, so I could probably make her a hat in about 5 minutes!!

BTW… I really liked teruterubouzu’s blog!! Great site… :thumbsup:

:rofling: :rofling: