Does Woolease Thick and Quick pill?

I’m planning on using it to make the Very Cropped Top Hoodie from magknits with it, and I was wondering if anyone knew if it pilled badly? I really don’t want to spend a ton on yarn, and woolease is a nice, cheap option.


I have made several scarves out of it~~ None of my family has complained that it pills badly~~ but they all say it is delciously warm~! :teehee:

I’ve made two scarves out of it. With one I used this dark grey color. It hasn’t technically pilled but it has become VERY VERY fuzzy.
For the other scarf I used the “denim” color which was a medium blue and a dark blue intertwined. That one hasn’t turned fuzzy at all.

No little balls of pill-age though. :happydance:

Thanks for the answers!

I have used that to make scarves and hats and it seems to hold up pretty well - I think. Maybe a sweater would be different because it gets more wear - but I LOVE that pattern - it is just adorable!