Does this mean I'm addicted? LOL

  1. all day I’ve been plotting how to shave off a couple dollars here and there from this and that so that I can go buy another thingy of yarn - in addition to what’s already budgeted for next payday.

  2. I’ve been sitting here knitting just to be knitting, without any goal in mind other than the motion of my hands because the project I was working on needs a new needle thanks to the couch gnome eating the one I had (as a very newbie knitter, I have one set of 10" and one of 6" needles. I was working on the 6 before the gnome got it).

You are only an addict if you go to meetings (right?). Otherwise, what you have there is a passion for your hobby. You have to feed a passion. You HAVE to feed a passion. LOL

Addiction? Doesn’t addiction cause problems?

You sound completely normal to me! :shrug: