Does the Lot # or letter really matter?

I have been under the impression that if you are getting a large amount of yarn, say, for a sweater, that you should make sure you’re getting yarn from the same lot. Well, the other day, I was looking at some yarn in different Lot #s and I really couldn’t tell any differences. Maybe it was because it was so light of color. I want to knit this sweater and it calls for 800 grams for the size I want to knit. I have 500 grams and am looking for another 300 grams. The yarn I want to use if Noro Silk Garden. So, I’ve found a seller who has the same color, but I question the importance of the Lot #. Since this yarn is self-striping, does anyone think it will make any difference if I happen to end up buying a different Lot #/letter?:shrug:

This might just be me, but I’ve noticed the pricier the yarn, the less dye lots matter. I can tell a big difference in dye lots at the craft store, though…

If you do end up getting different lots you might want to try blending it in by knitting from two skeins at the same time (alternating rows). It doesn’t always look different on the skein, but once it’s knitted up, it can have a big effect. You could also use the new skeins for the sleeves where light doesn’t always hit the same way anyway.

Yuyay~ That’s an excellent suggestion. I never knew that about light hitting the sleeves differently than the body. The sweater pattern includes a hood too, which I don’t particularly care about, so I could do the same for the hood.

I’ve found out the hard way that it really DOES make a difference. The skeins may look identical under artificial light, but trust me, sometimes even if you have the two different skeins side by side and they look fine, when they get in the sun or under different types of lights, the difference can be glaringly obvious. Even with it being self-striping, blues can be bluer or greener, yellows can be more yellow, or tend toward orange or greenish…even though stuff is being advertised anymore as “no dye lot”, you need to match dye lots or dates.
I suppose you could always knit so much with one or two skeins, alternate an “off” skein in there, then go back to the original…that way if there is a difference it would look like part of a pattern or something.

Here’s my example, and reason why I will NEVER use unmatched dyelots again. They looked identical in the store and I was desperate to make the top so I bought it even though it had different lot #'s - needless to say it didn’t work out!!

I’ve had the same experience as Knitqueen. I have a half made sweater with a back that has two different dye lot skeins in it, it looks bad and I’ll probably never finish the sweater.
Some of the suggestions posted might work, since it is self striping yarn but I’m so paranoid now that I don’t have the guts to try it.

I don’t order yarn from Joann’s online website because they specifically say they won’t guarantee dye lots.

Yes; I’ve also had the dreaded “looks the same in the store” syndrome. Fortunately it was cotton and I ended up dying the whole mess a darker color and it took equally despite the difference in color. You can always check on ravelry to see if someone has some in the same lot# who might be willing to sale or trade. I recently got 4 skeins of some yarn that I liked that way. Recieved 4 in a swap and loved it. Found 4 more on Ravelry at a steal of a price. Still need 2 more skeins, but just found out that my LYS has this same yarn in the same dye lot! Wee!!! If I didn’t find it I was going to pt for a different pattern.

I’m knitting a pair of socks with KNITCOL from Adriafils. Although I’m doing the 2 socks separately, each on a different ML, I go back and forth so that I finish one part on both socks before going on to the next section. Unfortunately, I’m not going to have enough yarn to finish, and have bought 2 new balls of a different dye lot. Since it is extremely variegated, I’m hoping it won’t show too much, especially since the 2 socks will match each other. I iplan to go to the new ball at the same place on each sock, and so far have managed to match the change in colors closely. They are for me to wear around the house, so I’ll use them no matter how they look. I’ll post a picture when I’m finished.

Well, why try another craft store? Like michael’s or hobby lobby or something?