Does the Happy OT Dance

Yes, there is such a dance cause I just made it up.

Thank you AMY!!! :heart:

It is VERY exciting! :cheering:

Knitters named KRISTIN love OT! :slight_smile:

Yay for Kristins (who spell their name right!)! :teehee:



Christmas in June, eh? :wink:

okay i just had to come wandering in here because the number of views of this thread and replies showed 6 66… i couldn’t leave it like that! :shock:

I would like to contribute to the OT’dness of this post by saying
Yay Kristin!!:cheering:

LOL, before i saw that it was an OT forum I had no idea what ya’ll were talking about…man, I must be getting goofier as I get sleepy…and ya’ll thought i was gonna say age, didn’t ya?!

You’re too funny! I just wish it was listed a little higher.

La la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m gonna love it here!