Does Sirdar have an errata page? Help!

I’m doing Sirdar pattern #3030 and it was going great and I was just going to sew everything up and realized that the left front and right front are exactly the same!!!:wall:

I think I can probably figure out how to do a “mirror image” thingy, but would prefer to have a corrected pattern!:sad:

Does anyone know of an errata page for Sirdar?


I found this where you can send them a question. I didn’t see it, but maybe they have something on the site for errata, too.

Hi Jan,
Thank you for finding that site for me! They do have the pattern listed, butI couldn’t find an errata page listed, so I sent them an e-mail. Hopefully, they will respond!Crossed Fingers
Thanks again!:slight_smile:


I found this when i was thinking of doing a Shedir… i dont know if what she talks about has caused your problem but here it is:

hope that helps