Does Ravelry (or anywhere) have a feature like

this: You enter in that you have 250g or 615yds or X yarn in Y weight and they tell you what you can do with it?

My mom “gifted” me with a bunch of her “cast off” yarn. Some of it is trash and that’s where it went (trust me, dry rot, itchy ugly stuff probaby gifted to her by someone else). But there are a few things that have possiblilites. Like I have 400g of some lovely red Lopi. Not enough for a sweater, but maybe enough for a small felted tote or at least a nice scarf. She also gave me 200g of some blue Penguin Mousse (needle size 6 the package says) which had I realized it was in the bottom of all this I may not have used the skein to make my son’s mittens last year and then he could have a whole sweater. The other nice sized chunk is 250g (615yds) of a nice green Pinguon Fesque in green (and 369yds) of the same in an off white.

Some of her stuff is partial skeins, but there will be like 3 or 4 partial skeins of the same yarn. My mother will not knit to the end of a skein for some reason and will stop many yards away. I’ve never figured this out (this is on solid colors - no patterns). So I have progagly 140g of some Patons Astra in little girl pink and 125 yards of some red something.

It would be nice if I could plug this stuff into a program that would tell me what to do with it! :roflhard:

Well on Ravelry you can look at what other people have done with your yarn. And with new people joining all the time, there is always new ideas. It is really great for someone like me who buys yarn with no project in mind.

In the Pattern Central forum here in KH I posted a link that shows shawls you can make with varying amounts of yarn.

on there is a section in their forums (towards the very end). that has various yardages and projects that can be done with that yardage.