Does Polyester Felt?

:?? Sorry guys- I am a newbie here. I am trying my second Project - first of course being a scarf. I am trying to knit a bag. a tote big enough to carry my knitting supplies where ever I go. I went to Hobby Lobby but couldnt find the yarn the pattern called for so I bought Yarn Bee Frosting and it looks to be 100 polyester.
I dont think this is going to felt is it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :wall:

Sorry, but it won’t felt. :frowning: Hobby Lobby does carry 100% wool yarns that will definitely felt. Lion Brand Wool, I think, is your best bet at HL. You need animal fibers for felting, and not of the ‘superwash’ variety, so check the label carefully, though usually the ‘machine washable’ instructions are pretty visible.

:verysad: yep that is what I was afraid of.
Can you knit a pattern that calls for felting and just not felt?
no I dont think so b/c it would be so much bigger right?
Is there a way to modify felted patterns to a non felted pattern?

I think maybe what I shoudll do to rectify the situation is to find a pattern that does not call for felting.

What do you think?

p.s. Thanks for replying. :hug:

Whether you can NOT felt depends on what you’re knitting. Since you’re knitting a bag, use smaller needles and knit fewer rows, both on the body of the bag and the straps. Shortening the width a bit is also a good idea. Also, you’ll need to line the bag so that nothing pokes through (felting prevents that from happening); that’s especially important since you want to carry your knitty goodies–don’t want to lose needles!

And I’m sorry I didn’t welcome you when I posted before: Welcome to KH! :waving: