Does Michael's sell any of the interchangable needle sets?

I hear there’s a 50% off coupon for tomorrow!!


Michael’s sells the Boye Needlemaster set. It’s the one that I have, and I like it. There are others that many prefer, like the Options from and the Denise set, but the Boye’s ones have served me very well.

Michael’s is where I got my Boye interchangeable set - also for 50% off. I have also had luck finding some on e-bay for pretty cheap.

There are people who scoff at the Boye set, but it works great for me … I am not a sweater knitting.

boyes but they aren’t worth the $… my opinion

Can anyone tell me about how much they are?

Thank you! I WANT the knit picks…but… :wink:

I paid $70 (a 50% off would have been great). I like mine and use them all the time. The only problem I’ve had is that the join between the cable and needle sometimes snags, especially if you are a tight knitter

Michaels does have the needlemaster…but that 50% off coupon is only good yesterday and today(Sunday and Monday), not Tomorrow. There’s a different coupon for Tuesday - Saturday, and it’s the regular 40% off one.

A lot of people love their needlemaster sets, but I have no experiance with them. I’m not a fan of aluminum needles (I prefer nickel plated brass, like addi turbos and KP options) The most common complaints, (that I’ve read/heard) is the join isn’t smooth so it can be difficult to slide the yarn, and the cables are stiff.

I have had my Needlemaster set for 27 years. Did a ton of knitting on them. I recently got the Options set which I like very much but I did not get rid of my Boye. I still love them.:muah:

My knitting buddy has them and she says the joins aren’t smooth and they cord curls a lot. I have Denise Interchangeables, but I prefer my Options and Addis.

I didn’t buy them. I have never used Addi Turbos, may have to order a pair of those if the KP options are similar.

To be honest, I LOVE the bamboo needles. That’s what I learned on and they’re just so nice.

I couldn’t justify the $35 right now when the reviews were so mixed. I may ask for hte KP for Christmas after I try out the Addi.

Thank you all!


[I]I have a very very! old set of needlemasters that I got at a garage sale for 4.00 & I love it!. [/I]

I got my Boye set from Michael’s also and I have not had any issues with it. Like others have said, I have heard the talk about the Options and Addis and am considering trying those but for now and as a fairly new knitter, the Boye have served me well.

Since $ is an issue, I would skip the Addis. You can buy individual pieces of the KP options set to see if you like them. They are cheaper than the Addis. Check out the interchangeables thread for more info.