Does magic loop knitting "hurt" cords?

Hi all–

Having started a hat on circular needles and liking it, I am thinking about doing the magic loop method for the decreasing rather than investing in DPNs. However, my question is this-- will the magic loop method “hurt” the cord on my circulars (I have a newish set of denises)? Are there certain kinds of circulars best suited for magic loop?


I’ve done magic loop with my Denise set - All I did was use the two connectors and attach two longer cords. I like my cord very very VERY long for magic loop, simply for the flexibility. It didn’t seem to damage my cords at all.

I’ve used magic loop a lot and I don’t think there would ever be a chance of damage…if the cord is long enough, no stress is put on it at all. If you have too many WIP on Denise or other interchangeable sets you can always buy a longer add on cord.