Does Chunky weight yarn make a heavy garment?

Since Chunky weight yarn knits up quickly I use it often because I am a beginner… but I was wondering does that mean it will be a heavy, thick garment or excessively warm? I use Lion Brand Thick and Quick and Red Heart super bulky(cotton), and Baby Bee baby yarn in fleece(Hobby Lobby brand)…I live in the south and it gets cold here but not bitterly cold like up north…do I need to use a lighter weight yarn for my garments?

Well, it will be quite a bit thicker than lighter weight yarns.

It will be warmer, and it will be a bit heavier and could stretch a bit more (although I don’t think acrylic usually stretches that much? Depends on the acrylic, maybe?).

As for whether it will be TOO warm, I am not sure. I would think they would be fine… if you were using alpaca, that would be another story. But for acrylic, I don’t think it would make the stuff hot enough to not use when it’s cold out.

There may be fewer days when you can use them though.

Well, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I will jump in. :slight_smile:

I’ve made a sweater in chunky weight cotton and it’s really nice and warm, but not to warm. I think if you are always cold, like me it’s really great yarn to make a sweater with.

Garments made of chunky yarns should also be sized well, to avoid having a chunky look. No sense in having a fabulous colour on you if the sizing makes you look 40 pounds heavier.