Does changing yarns count as one row?

The pattern I’m doing currently has a lot of yarn changing. For example, at one part I do 6 green rows, 2 white, and 4 silver, and so on. I know how to change colours, but does changing the yarn count as one row? If I use the example above, would I have to do 6 green rows, 3 white (one counting as the joining part) and then 5 silver?

I’m asking because I have a picture of what the outcome looks like, and the rows seem a lot larger than what I’m doing. I think I might be missing a row but I’m not sure?

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Unless the pattern states otherwise, every row worked with the new color counts as a row. So the row on which you change colors is row 1 of the new color.
It’s possible that you’re not getting the same row gauge as the pattern specifies. Can you count rows in the photo? Can you tell us the pattern name or give us a link to it?
If you’d like the stripes to be larger you’re certainly free to add more rows if you’d like. It’s your project after all.

It’s a pattern from the magazine 'Let’s Get Crafting: Santa and Pals", I’m not sure the pattern is online. The yarn and needles have already been provided, so I don’t think the gauge is wrong. Thanks for your reply though! I’ll just stick to the pattern for now.

How nice to have the needles and yarn all ready to knit. The size needle provided is for an average knitter however and you may knit more tightly or more loosely than the average. I always need to drop down one or two needle sizes from the pattern specification to get gauge. You might need to go up a size or, depending on the pattern, increase the number of rows.