Does Cat B's style of Moebius knitting always result in 1 row of knit/1 row f purl?

I’ve been using Cat Bordinhi’s (probably spelled that wrong), Moebius cast on. My goal is to create a short Moebius cowl in all stockinette stick, but when I use cat’s method, for every complete round I knit, I get 1 “row” of knits and 1 row of “purls”. Is there a way to avoid this? Or is this how it is supposed to look? If it is, how o I knit a Moebius cowl in all stockinette stitch?
Thanks for the help!

She explains that in the video -

Because you are knitting twisted like that you can see both sides even though it is really stockinette. It’s a long video, but do watch it if you haven’t.

Yes, because of the twist half the round will appear as knits, half as purls. You can get a more reversible apperance by doing garter in the round - one round knits, one round purls - or a rib or basket weave stitch.

A great video. Cat Bordhi is such a good teacher. I plan to bookmark this video as I’ve wondered about moebius knitting but it sounded so intimidating. Maybe now I will give it a shot. Thanks for the link.

Is there another type of Moebius knitting that will resut in stockinette stitch?

It’s just as easy as regular knitting in the round; the cast on is what makes it different. It’s done the same as the provisional CO shown in our knitting help video except using the cord of the circs instead of another strand of yarn.

[B]It IS stockinette already[/B]. Because it’s got a twist you see both sides of your work. There is no stitch that results in the classic V shape on both sides that I know of although there are techniques such as double knitting. I don’t know if double knitting can be done for a mobius, but I suppose if you know both you might be able to figure it out.