Does backward loop tend to be "holey"

like YOs or not? I’m looking at trying this cabled cap

She recommends a backward loop for the increase after the ribbing, and wondered if a different increase would be better.

I wouldn’t use the backward loop cast on stitch for an increase either, but recently learned that a M1 away is sometimes called the backward loop. Maybe that’s what she meant.

I still think a different increase would be better. I’d use a M1L or M1R or a knit into front and back. It makes sense to me that using backward loop as an increase method would leave a little hole because it wouldn’t be attached to anything at the bottom of the stitch.

And you’re supposed to increase in the 1 x 1 rib pattern, so I was thinking that a KF&B would work because it would most look like a K then P stitch.

And with that type of increase, since you’re working into a rib pattern, instead of knitting into the front and back of the stitch you can knit into the stitch and then purl into the same stitch, or vice versa depending on the order of stitches in your rib.