Does anyone

take scrap eyelash yarn and make scarfettes?? I knit all my friends who are seniors in highschool scarves but when i’m done i usually just have a little bit left so I make a scarfette (a mini scarf that you tie on your neck) and I use them to accent all my outfits in the winter. In my drama club wearing a scarf is like belonging to that group in a strange sorta way so a scarfette makes me feel proud of my club, but also it looks great and different in and outdoors! Does anyone else do that? cloud9

I don’t but it sounds like a neat way to use up your scrap yarn and make it into something that you will use rather than it sitting around for years and years! :slight_smile:

I just want to say something a little off topic if you don’t mind =D
We had a knitting club in my high school 2 years ago called GUKNIT and it’s like your little display picture! :teehee:
I want to start it up again this september.

[B]Good Idea!

a knitting club in high school sounds great to me. ( I’m 50 now , but it would have been great when I was in high school ) I say go for it![/B]

Actually, ironically, thats how I learned to knit! :eyes: LOL. in my middle school actually the french teacher started a knitting club and sadly she only taught us the basics, I taught myself to purl, loop stitch, and binding off and other things, lol. Now, I’ve been spreading the knowledge of knitting to my friends in the drama club, so its sort of like a club in a club when we are all waiting in the wings with our needles just knitting away. It’s truely a way to pass time when you’re sitting in the wings when they’re doing a long scene over and over. :x:

I think a knitting club in high school is a superb idea. I would have loved to hone my skills in high school. I think the scarfettes are a cute and fun way to use up yarn. You should post some pics of the things you have finished.

i’m in drama club too, and i know exactly how you feel. i took my knitting with me to work on backstage during our spring show last year, and i didn’t get as much support as it sounds like you have. i actually got made fun of for knitting between scenes! that’s great that you got people in drama interested in it! :cheering: