Does anyone use the magic loop?

does anyone use the magic loop?:yay:

Wherever small diameter circular knitting is needed I try to use the magic loop method as much as possible. :thumbsup:

Always. Don’t own any DPs.

I use it all the time for socks and mittens

I use magic loop for socks and am working on my first pair two at once on one circular.

I recently learned how to do the Magic Loop technique. Actually, I just learned how to knit in the round. So for me knitting in the round = Magic Loop. :slight_smile:

For a newbie like me, Magic Loop is easy to do and I’ve produced two or three easy projects using this method. So, the results have made me a very happy camper.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I use magic loop on occasion and really like it a lot. It means I can start out with my cast on’s - which are always tighter than the knitting so magic loop is really important.
Once I get to the actual knitting, most times I don’t have to worry about it.
It’s also very helpful for when decreasing…
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

Yes, quite a bit…although I don’t have a preference for Magic Loop over DPNs or vice versa. I’ll use whatever works. I find each as fiddly as the other, or perhaps that should be “just as non-fiddly as the other”.

There are times when certain tasks are easier without the loops in the way, and other times when too many sticks in the mix are unwieldy. So I just switch if necessary.

Sometimes. I only have one set of dpns that use for other things mostly as they’re not a size I use a lot. So I either ML or use 2 circs.

Since my visit to this forum, i hve learned what is magic loops n how to use it, so i intend to knit a zipped cardigan for my son after completing my sleeveless cardigan.

I like magic loop because I don’t get ladders like I tend to do with dpn’s.

I first learned about the MagicLoop here and let me tell you … it’s been a godsend… I use it all the time when I need to do small diameter knitting… mostly because I’m terrified of DPN’s :slight_smile:

It’s like that fear of clowns ya know… :smiley:

Only if I don’t happen to have dpns in correct size. I learned knitting in the round with dpns as a child and find them much faster than ML. With dpns I don’t need any stitch markers for e.g. socks, because the stitches can be arranged so that the relevant places are at the places where the needle changes into the next one. My fingers don’t get at all tired when knitting with dpns but I struggle with the cable.

Count me in as a fan of magic loop. I hated, hated, hated DPN’s and could never get the hang of them, and therefore never knitted socks or anything in the round. But then I discovered magic loop, and I’m knitting in the round a LOT. Love it! :yay:

I just learned magic loop last month and I love it. I’m not sure that I’ll ever choose to use my dpn’s again. It helped me eliminate those pesky ladders I got with dpn’s.


Magic loop is a personal torture, due to the length of my cable, and the terrible bumps on my needles. I’m looking for prettier needles in my city.

Still, it’s quite nice magic looping, and I do advise it.

I use the magic loop a bunch! Especially in my crocheted dolls like this guy

this expresses just what I find when watching the magic loop… I haven’t actually done it. I might if I need to, but I think it would be hard to not have gaps in there, would’t it?
DPN really are ok. Don’t fear them! Just do it!

with ML I can not immagine that it will be easy to get an even knitting on all stitches. You are pulling on them a lot, aren’t you?

It is my prefered method, although I do still use my DPNs occasionally…

Mommyof2andangel - how does one magic loop crochet?

It’s a completely different kind of magic loop but the same name. And I :heart: :heart: both types lol.

In knitting the magic loop helps me make socks, and in crochet it helps me make people :teehee:

Here’s a crochet magic loop