Does anyone remember?

Obviously I am losing my dang mind. A few days ago on this site we were all talking about (or something similar) and I went over to check it out. I ended up buying a bag of bamboo yarn, light purple. It came and is lovely…

But does anyone have the slightest idea what I was planning to make with it? Not that I would have posted my plans, just wondering if anyone possibly read my mind, which I am obviously completely losing!

I MUST have had something in mind. I never buy yarn w/o a project in mind. Granted, there is enough for even a very large sweater so maybe I felt safe enough to buy it? Something from Knitty? A pattern I already have? What? Acccccckkkkkk, I’m too young to be losing my mind!

You were planning on sending it on to me.:flirt:

i am using the same bamboo (in sahara) to knit dh a vest… maybe you were going to knit a few summer tops from knitty? coachella?

I thought it was coming to me, guess we will have to share,LOL


I hear bamboo socks are really really nice!


Maybe a sweater and matching socks…lol


Oh, right, sending it to Ingrid and clb … wait, that doesn’t sound right. Because then wouldn’t I have just had it shipped directly. Oh, I must have accidentally put my own mailing address down. Expect a package in a few days :lol: (remember, I am way too out to lunch to actually get the stuff to the post office and send it!)