Does anyone NOT celebrate xmas?

For religous reasons? Or they just don’t like the whole commercialization thang? Or they just don’t like it? Or whatever?

Xmas brings up bad memories for me. (Its a long story) And the whole consumingness of it is pretty gros. And I’m not christian. Killing poor trees bothers me too. But I have a kid and he enjoys the time with his Grams and stuff. And they give him a TON of crap that I could never afford. (He’s getting an iPod from one gram :rollseyes: ) So I put up with it but I don’t enjoy it. I do like the lights though. I wish we did it year round.

So is anyone offended by non xmas likers? Is there a war on xmas like Bill O’Reily says? (Altho I really should ignore him, he’s jsut a bully)

I’m not a Christian, but my family does Christmas…It’s really got nothing to do with Jesus, though. I think it’s just the only way we’re all going to get together.

I do Christmas all the way, but I’m not offended by those who choose not to celebrate it. I do think that the commercialism is extreme, and I do wish it were easier to escape some of it. We try not to put a lot of emphasis on the whole gimme gimme thing, and get the kids into giving more than receiving, but they are kids. There’s only so much we can encourage.

My family all comes to my house for Christmas, and I do enjoy having everyone here- we put a fire in the fireplace, and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, I love giving people gifts- especially this year, since I knitted something for everyone! :cheering:

My “immediate” family is not religious (or christian) although the extended family is and they are various religions. It makes no difference. For us it’s a time to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Consumerism does bother me some and I am rethinking our shopping ideas. A lot of times it’s kind of fun to find a special gift for someone.

In answer to your question, no, your beliefs or your feelings about Christmas do not bother me. I do hope that you can find some joy in the season for you and your son though. :wink:

I’m not offended. this season means lots of things to lots of folks - or doesn’t mean anything at all. for me: I love the lights, the decorations, the FOOD :heart:, the time off from work, seeing my kid happy to receive stuff he put on his list… but I’m not religious, and quite honestly the gift buying/making has me stressed out every year.

I don’t celebrate Christmas but I do enjoy many of the positive aspects of it. People are generally happier, more forgiving and live more in the moment. They tend to think more about the what other people may need or want. I also enjoy the lights and decorations. I can’t count how many times people have wished me a Merry Christmas despite the fact that I was wearing a yarmulke. I always thank them anyway since I probably will enjoy a nice kosher Chinese meal and a movie on that day :smiley:

Same here. It’s just family getting together and sharing love and gifts from the heart. I also love watching the specials. I just love winter and family though (what little of it there is here).

I don’t like the commercialism of Christmas, or all the crap in the stores. Or the traffic (jeez)…but I love family and giving them something that puts a smile on their faces.

I celebrate Christmas because my family does, and it’s nice to have something in common with them once in a while. The overall generosity that the season tends to bring out also makes me very happy.

But I don’t call myself a Christian (find it way too limiting), I am very spiritual though. I tend to say Happy Holidays because you never know what other people choose to believe, or not believe.

I love the decorations, the feeling of ‘anything is possible’ in the air, and the giving of gifts. Ixnay on the traffic, rudeness, and calories, LOL.

I am Christian but not devout. I live alone so I don’t get a tree for myself & my family are all in the UK so we don’t get together. We don’t even send cards or gifts as the shipping costs more than the gifts. I usually try to call my parents on the 25th if I can.

In the last 9 years I’ve spent 4 Xmases in Muslim countries, 3 in US/UK/Europe and 2 in an ex-Soviet country.

This year that means New Year mostly. Orthodox Xmas (Jan 7th) is a holiday in Ukraine but it’s not celebrated much. Although they do put trees up which is a bit strange as they don’t start cutting them down until after New Year when I’m used to being about ready to get rid of mine.

I don’t get offended by anyone’s celebrations - I celebrate whatever those around me are celebrating. :lol: Why miss out on an excuse to have fun?

All of my family members celebrate christmas. I think everyone besides some of our family(they are Jahovas Whitness’s[I think that’s how you spell it? :?? ]) celebrates christmas. To me, its a time for getting together with family and spending time with them, not getting gifts. It’s always a charm to watch people open there gifts that you give them and then flip out because its what they always wanted(hehe… that happens every year…).

Christmas here is just opening things that we need(I don’t have any younger siblings, so for me I open up clothes, jewlery, make-up, ect.), just some gag gifts thrown in too(ahh I can’t wait for this year :lol: )…

I don’t take offense to people who don’t celebrate christmas. Some people preffer not to celebrate it because of religious beliefs or from past exsperiences. I enjoy christmas with my family, because most of the time, christmas is the only time I ever get to see some of my relatives.

And theres also good food made too :rofling:

We do celebrate Christmas, but I am not in the least offended by those who don’t.

There’s plenty to despise about this season–the rudeness of shoppers (I spent 8 years in retail–I have seen the ugly underside of Christmas shopping); the rush-rush-rush to buy gifts not because people want to be kind, but because people have bought into the hype–oh the waste of it all; the sickening commercialism, and yes, Femmie, the chopping down of trees–since I was four, I cry every year when I see the trees no one took home left to die on lots, or those tossed out curbside after Christmas, with the sad reminders of their former glory fading on them…but that’s another story.

I look at the season the way I do wedding anniversaries and birthdays: show the people you love–(and by extension humanity in general)–that you care every day, not just on certain days marked on the calendar. Anything else just seems empty and forced. I’m much more happy giving or receiving a gift a propos of nothing–motivated only by love and friendship.

I love everything about Christmas. I love the lights, the noise, the music, the decorations, the get togethers, the food, the way people seem to be nicer that time of year (except when you’re stuck in traffic), family gatherings, when normally you don’t see them and of course the giving. I am definitely NOT offended by those who don’t celebrate Christmas. I respect all religions and beliefs and get more offended by Christians who are upset at those who aren’t. People like Bill O’Reilly want to stir up trouble but it isn’t working. He probably brought it up to take the heat of his own troubles.

Being a Wiccan, I don’t ‘celebrate’ Christmas… ie: the birth of Christ.

I’ve renamed this season “Santa Season” for myself, as it’s a time where I can count on seeing all of my immediate family (most of which are Christian and celebrate the birth of Christ).

Being able to give other people a little happiness through both spending time with them, and giving them a little token of ‘love’ that I’ve carefully thought about and chosen or made for them, makes ME happy too.

As the ‘holidays’ I observe are more in a solitary practice, they do not require a tree, presents, eggs etc the “Santa Season” rituals, I’m more than happy to participate in.

I may be sorry I said this so please understand it in the caring way I am trying to say it.

As a Christian, Christmas to me is a religious holiday although I am not offended in the least by those who want to celebrate a secular Christmas or no christmas at all. I think so often what happens in these “religious” debates is that NEITHER side understands (or takes the time to understand) what the other side is saying. I don’t believe Christians are bothered by those that want to have a secular holiday. I don’t believe Christians are trying to force others to have a religious holiday when they don’t wish too. (Now granted I am speaking for myself and the Christians I am surrounded by.)

I really feel it boils down to mutual respect. I respect the beliefs and traditions of others. I would never disrespect Judiasm by calling the Menorah a candle stick. Nor would I disrespect Islam or Buddism or another religion by secularizing their religious symbols. I think Christians are asking for nothing more.

Now when it comes to Bill O’Reilly…he has a gift for adding fuel to ANY controversial subject and blowing things entirly out of proportion.

Everyone should feel free to celebrate or not celebrate ANY holiday…Religious or Not. Based on their own personal convictions.

Again I hope this was taken in the spirit it was intended.

We don’t. We celebrate Yule, the winter solstice. I was raised Christian though and do tend to do “Christmas” with my parents with a present for each person and dinner. Actually this year we are doing “Christmas” tomorrow as my mom has to work Christmas (she’s a hospital chaplain.) My family is sort of odd (understatement of the year). My dh is agnostic with Buddhist leanings. My oldest daugther and I are Pagan. My youngest son is pure agnostic. My middle child is atheist. We celebrated Yule on Wednesday by lighting candles, telling stories, decorating a tree, decking the halls with boughs of holly cut from our yard, and awaiting the new sun’s rebirth. We had soup and bread and baked cookies during the day. We try to limit the gifts we give each other to things that we created or that can be used for our “creations.” (So easy to do with 3 knitters in the house!) :lol: Sometimes we give things that are true needs (like dh is getting an electric blanket as we have taken a challenge to not turn our heater above 60° and send the excess that we would spend to the gift program at the electric company.)

That was nicely put, Vicki! :heart: And yeah, Bill O’Reilly is a gasbag. A noxious gasbag.

Ack, after re-reading it, my earlier post seems very surly–I do have wonderful Christmas moments! Like yesterday: on the way to my parents’ house, the dh and I drove through about a five-mile stretch of road on which some of the small fir trees were decorated–some had garland, some had ornaments, some had both. (I’d say there were about 50 of them total, but we certainly may have missed some.) We just found that so cool and so sweet! And I just experienced several random acts of kindness at Target.

This season can be beautiful!

I am a Christian (a minister, in fact) and am not in the least offended by people who do not celebrate Christmas. I AM offended by the crass commercialism and incredible social pressure that surrounds what is, for me, a religious holiday. I find balancing the spiritual and family aspects of Christmas with the social obligations and gift expectations to be extremely stressful. Since I am a religious professional, I also feel fairly burdened by my professional obligations during the season. All of this makes it difficult for me to have the kind of holiday I would prefer. It makes me sad and sometimes cynical.

One year, I celebrated winter solstice with a pagan friend of mine. It was his first time doing it (and mine, too, of course), so we looked up stuff on the internet and just put it together ourselves. I actually found it quite meaningful, and really appreciated that there was no cultural baggage laid onto it the way there is wtih Christmas.

I am a Christian who does not celebrate christmas :thinking: weird, huh?

LOL…the reasons are because (for my immediate family and I anyway, I am not trying to tell anyone they are wrong to celebrate in whatever way they chose! The Bible tells us not to judge what others celebrate or what way they do). We feel that christmas has its roots in non-christian celebrations. Many of the customs were originally part of celebrating the winter solstice, and not part of Jesus’ birth at all. And no one actually knows exactly when He was born, anyway, as far as I know. There are some rough estimations but no one knows for sure.

We chose not to put up a tree or decorations (but I do admit I LOVE the lights!!) or give massive gifts to all. We do give gifts, here and there, but because we want to, not because we have to. We make extra cookies and goodies at this time of year to give away, but they are not Christmas cookies.

I grew up celebrating christmas, so I do love the music, the songs, and the lights. I miss some of it but there’s lots I’m happy to do without -like wasting tons of $$ on gifts that aren’t appreciated for long (the kids get bored with them so quickly!) and killing myself to make sure we didn’t forget anyone (wether we can afford it or not). And last minute shopping -UGH!

But I am not bothered by those who do celebrate. I’m certainly not going to bah-humbug anyone because they do choose to!

This has been an interesting thread!

I am not bothered by those who don’t celebrate Christmas at all. I am a Christian and proudly say so to one & all :smiley: . I am not at all happy with the mass commercialization of the holiday (as with most holidays, actually!). My family & friends get togethter have time together, to exchange gifts & eat (naturally!) And, out of the mouths of babes, as it were, there’s always a young one that asks what are we giving Jesus for His birthday :smiley: My answer is more time…as I will undoubtedly tell my niece Sunday morning when I know she will ask…LOL! My baby (20 now, was the 1st one to start with this question out of the blue one Christmas :smiley: ) Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many things :wink: Although, when one sees people being rude people @ the mall & pushing & shoving (pushing & shoving I am very sensitive to since I’m on crutches…happened last nite, actually), etc, it’s makes me wonder what goes on with them and me being me, I stop & say a silent prayer that he/she have a wonderful holiday & better day!
Bothered by those who don’t celebrate…of course not :wink: I don’t think that would be the right thing for me to do at all :smiley:
I do wish you all a very, very Happy Holiday :smiley:

I’m Christian and we celebrate Christmas. I do NOT like all the commercialization and all the hustle and bustle…the feelings of guilt because I can’t get all my cards written…again…or the cookies baked, etc. I feel that the “reason for the season” gets lost. Someone at church said something the other day that really stuck with me. She said that she wished that we could do all the presents and “stuff” on the 25th and then have another day - a quiet, reflective day - to remember Jesus’ birthday. That makes so much sense to me.

I do feel like our society bends over backwards not to offend people of other religions and those with no religious faith, and rightfully so, but it seems more and more that it is vogue to make fun of Christian beliefs. That makes me sad. Part of the problem, I think is that the media reports all the wacky things that a minority of “way out there” Christians say or do that in no way reflect what I think, believe or do. Saying one is a “Christian” is very broad and means completely different things to different people beyond the one fundamental and obvious belief.

Religion and politics are touchy subjects, so I hope I didn’t offend anyone.