Does anyone know

Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone might know what I can substitute Lion Brand Velvetspun yarn with?

I have recently knitted a baby snuggly bunny but had to use the only chenille I could find near me in the UK. The yarn I used was very thick chenille…nice yarn but too thick for the bunny. I cannot find a local shop that sells a thinner chenille…so does anyone else know what other yarn I might be able to use please?

I am a beginner knitter…well…I say beginner, I have been knitting for a while but have always been quite basic and have never really learnt about different yarns. Consequently, I have no idea of the name of any yarn to ask for for the bunny :doh:

Thank you for reading. :aww:

I would think you should be able to use any soft, chunky yarn.

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Velvetspun is pretty bulky; what type of weight do you want? Aran, worsted, DK, sport?

You can search for chenille yarns on Ravelry and filter your results by yarn weight. There are a lot of chenilles in lower weights.

You can pretty much use any yarn you want with that pattern. Guage doesn’t really matter much - so what it the finished bunny is bigger or smaller then the velvetspun one. Even the lionbrand website lists it in many different yarns.

I like to use anything that is machine washable/dryable for ease to the Mom that lives with the bunny. I’ve used Lion Suede, Thick & Quick, several different cotton yarns, any number of acrylic yarns, plus others. I’ve made a lot of those bunnys! :wink:

Thank you for your replies.

I figured that I could use pretty much any type of yarn but it is one that is like the Velvetspun one that I would like as it is sooooo nice. Other than it being called Chenille, I dont know what else it is called or what else to ask for.

I know what Aran is and DK and chunky…kind of like the basic ones but am unsure about worsted? Merino, that kind of thing.

I’m going to try the Ravelry website as suggested, thanks :), and see what I can come up with there.

Thank you again :thumbsup:

If you go to lionbrands website they usually have a listing of a lot of substitutions for their yarn. Lionbrand Substitutions page. Click that and it will give you some ideas of what else you can use thats similar.

I have been asking about baby knits and have been looking at a bunny pattern in Velvetspun. 2 Alternatives suggested to me here were:

“I used Berroco Comfort baby yarn for several and Caron Simply Soft for others. They are quick and easy and good for baby b/c there are no eyes to chew off and can be thrown in the wash.”

Also did you realise Lionbrand will deliver to the UK?

That’s me that suggested the Berroco Comfort baby…depending on what color you wanted I recently noted that my LYS carries a bulky Berroco Comfort now as well. I don’t tend to like the velveteen/chenille yarns b/c in my experience they shed.

Thanks everyone…I have ideas to work with now. Yay!

And Irishmam, thanks for the info about Lion delivering to the UK. I will have to look into that :slight_smile:

You are welcome - their website is very easy to use and converts prices into local currency