Does anyone know

Does anyone know about how much a skein of malabrigo merino wool costs? It has 215 yards and is 100g each skein. I am curious because my neighbor wants to sell me two leftover skeins that she has for 19.99 :teehee: Is that a good price I mean they are really beautiful…I was thinking of making a hat and mittens and a scarf…I wonder how many skeins I would need for all of that :??

Malabrigo generally sells for between $10.50 and $12.50, so I’d say that $19 for two full hanks is pretty good. You could easily do a hat and a skinny luxurious scarf with two full hanks.

That’s an average to good price. Webs has them for $12 a hank, and my local yarn store sells them for $11 a hank.

Someone on here made a good point…a lot of us would spend $6-$8 on 100 yard hank and not bat an eye. This is twice the yardage for twice (or less than twice) the price.

I would pay that for two whole hanks. One of my not-so-local LYSs has it for 9.95 a skein, but I’ve seen it as high as 14.50 other places.

Thanks everyone :muah: It is a beautiful shade of burgundy :teehee: SO is malabrigo really as nice and soft as everyone says it is? She is really my aunts neighbor and she lives in missourri so all I seen was a picture and there was no malabrigo in my lys for me to feel :pout:


:teehee: cawthraven your hilarious


Thank you, I try.

But really, I fondled mine the whole drive home from the yarn store. [size=2]Don’t fiberbate and drive.[/size] :shifty:

It feels nice on the skein, but to knit with it. . . it’s. . . it’s. . . .


eh, it’s ok :teehee:

who am I kidding…I’ve got so much malabrigo, one of my friends thinks that I’m singlehandedly keeping them in business. :shifty:

Check out ebay. You can find it for around $7 to $11 dollars.

Nadja xxx

We were playing Scattergories last night – the letter was M and the category was “things you save up for.” My DH rolled his eyes when I said, “Malabrigo Merino!!” (2 points for that one!) :smiley:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

you should have said mmmmm Malabrigo Merino - 3 points! :rofl:

:roflhard: :rofl: I like that term…fiberbate…heh heh.

Personal Threads has it on sale now between $8 and $9, can’t remember the exact price. There you’d have to pay for high shipping, though.

OMG, 1337-speak. LOL! (ok… too much World of Warcraft)

Anyway, a friend of mine just called me from Minnesota where she’s visiting family and she offered to get some malabrigo yarn for me for about $10.50/hank.

19.99 is a fair price for BOTH skein
but not for each

I know someone that knows I love high end fibers
and she has offered me some merino blend for 23
I found it in a store in her town for 16

What I did was offer to teach her to knit with it
and she could keep the cost

she turned me down