Does anyone know whhere to find DB cotton silk?

Elann has just red and blue, but I want a different color. I searched all over the net but couldn’t find any. Does anyone know if a place sells it?

I think it’s been discontinued.

I did find this auction on eBay. Purty color, but you might not need all 11 skeins!

This place also has it listed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they still have it in stock.

You might be able to substitute the Debbie Bliss Cathay, but the gauge might be a bit smaller on that. Looks like on the Cotton Silk it’s 18 st to 4 inches on 7 to 8 needles, and on the Cathay which is 50% cotton, 35% microfiber, and 15% silk the gauge is 22 st to 4 inches with 5 needles.

You also might be able to sub Cascade Pima Silk, it’s 85% cotton and 15% silk, and the gauge is the same as the Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk which is 80% cotton and 20% silk. I can vouch for the Pima Silk, it’s very soft and nice to work with, I’m using it for Cozy from Knitty.

Yep, it’s discontinued. I got some on ebay. Cathay might be a bit too thin, but other aran weight yarns should work, or perhaps worsted.

thanks for the info ! I heard Cathy has a pilling problem other than being too thin… :frowning: