Does anyone know where I can drop off unwanted yarn?

I have SO much yarn and a lot of it I’ll never use. It’s mostly acrylic I used to practice on.

I’m doing a major cleaning and organizing and I want to get rid of a lot of it so I’m hoping that I can take it to Goodwill or something.

Does anyone know if they’d take it or if they know of anywhere that does?



You could try posting it on ravelry. Someone might want to take it there.

Most thrift stores accept yarn, I’ve picked up lots of acrylics and cottons there and seen good wools too. You can also post in the Charity and Buy/Sell/Swap forums here.

Check your phone book for the local senior center and see if they’d like it. A lot of older people like to knit and crochet, but don’t always have the money for yarn. In fact, right now would be a good time with the holidays coming!

If they don’t, Craigslist, Freecycle, the local grocery store bulletin board or Ebay come to mind.

Our local senior center accepts yarn donations. With great gratitude, I might add!

A lot of the seniors and local knitters use this yarn to knit afghans for disabled vets or chemo-caps for sick babies.


Och! it would do a seniors’ home good to see a young good-looking chap like you at their door with yarn to spare. Cheer up the old folks, I say! (I have two parents living in such a home, and Dad still knits).

You could always mail it to ME!!! I teach a knitting class and we have been knitting shawls for residents at a local nursing home!! We can always use some new (to us) yarn, especially some that’s machine washable/dryable!!!

Or if you’d rather look locally, check and see if your local library has a knitting or crocheting class. I’m sure they could use it.


If my husband would let me, I’d adopt all the unwanted yarn out there. I agree with a thrift store or senior center though. If I were still in Mississauga I’d help you destash it :slight_smile:

I too, love to “adopt” unwanted yarn. You can teach kids to knit/crochet with it. You can make blankets (a.k.a. oddball pet snuggles) for animal shelters with it. Oh, the possibilities!

Seniors centre would get my vote, we also drop off books, puzzles and fresh produce in season.

you could also check local churches for prayer shawl type ministries. they may be interested. I know my group appreciates all of the yarn that’s been donated to us.

Your local school…art teacher would probably be THRILLED.
I would…but I am the music teacher…but only because i would use it up myself! or teach the children.
I am confident you will find a useful cause.

I would go with a senior center and give them the information on knitting or crocheting blankets for animal shelters. The seniors would love being able to do something useful for a good cause. Of course they could also use it to make anything else they wanted to.

If anyone has yarn that they do not want, please contact me and if there is quite a bit, I may want to have it and I would pay the shipping. I crochet more than knit, being a Nana, I am always making something. Thanks:thumbsup:

You could look up a local Project Linus chapter, they have those just about everywhere and they usually take yarn/cloth donations for their volunteers’ use.

This is an old post but since someone bumped it, I’ll add don’t forget about children’s daycare centers. I am a teacher in daycare, and we use acrylic and cotton yarn A LOT for arts and crafts. The owners would never buy something like that so we have to depend on donations, or bring in our own if we run out.

I think seniors would appreciate it the most. They need to maintain an active lifestyle, not just for the body, but for the mind as well. Knitting, crocheting, and arts/crafts help keep their minds active and creative.

The person who bumped it in post 14 is actually asking for extra yarn to be sent to her as she can use it for charity knitting.

Thanks for ensuring you point that out. I didn’t pay that much attention to which post bumped it.

I am new to this site but if you have not disposed of yarn my church does prayer shawls for local nursing homes in my area we would appreciate it if you mail it we will pay for it.

The original post was made about 3 years ago, so I don’t think the yarn will still be available now.