Does anyone know what stitching is this?


I would like to stitch the same scarf which my friend had stitched a while back and doesn’t remember how to stitch it anymore (see photos)

I’ve done some research and know how to do basic stitches and purls but I have no idea how to get it be spaced out looking like that.

Please help!

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I’m not sure that I can see the stitch pattern well enough to tell but it looks like a crochet stitch to me. Did your friend say that it was a knit stitch?

Hi thanks for the reply and welcome!

Yeah the photo is a bit hard to tell but because the yarn used makes it hard to like take a picture that will deconstruct it so I tried my best.

She said it’s knitting because she used two needles to do it. So I’m pretty sure that’s a knitting? :S

I tried looking for knitting stitches that look like crochet and found this one. See if it looks like the actual stitch pattern you have:

It’s knit in the round but if it’s close enough, it’s always possible to figure out how to work it back and forth.



knit a row
purl a row
purl a row
purl a row
knit a row
purl a row

All twisted stitches.
If I got that right, it’s like stockinette except there is a purl row every third row on the RS. Mine looks similar.

Is she a newish knitter? She might have twisted the stitches other than on purpose.

Yeah I think GrumpyGramma is correct it does look like it’s twisted at some intervals but because the yarn is so fluffy it’s hard to see

You’ll have to look at your work and determine which row should be a purl row on the stockinette side. Don’t trust me to have it written out as I did it. That’s what I thought I’d done.

If that is what you want, I’m glad I could help. :slight_smile: