Does anyone know of a cute Bikini swimsuit pattern?

I just discovered knitting a few months ago. I’ve made two beautiful scarves, and now I am working on a pillow. I would love to make a cute bikini swimsuit that I could actually wear. I found a few patterns but they seem kind of old fasioned. I just want a cute, solid colored bikini patern thats not too complicated. If you could help me that would be awesome.
P.S. I’m 23 years old, and knitting is awesome!!! :happydance:

Here’s a couple links to some.
(Scroll down a bit to get to the bikini patterns)

Or you might want to look at this book. Judging by the pictures on this site it has some really cute things in it.

Knitty’s got a few cute things you may be able to use/adapt. Here’s a link to get you started: (may have to line this, but suuuper cute!!)

This book has some very cute bikini (not too mention sexy) patterns in it, as well as some other things that are designed for young ppl, I have not made anything out of it yet (just got it) but plan on making everything out of it. It was well worth the price of the book.
Sexy Little Knits

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My personal favorite :slight_smile:

Here a coulpe just scroll down