Does anyone know: how you cast on when you are double knitting with 2 yarns?

Ello every one…The name’s Meeny(what my hubbi calls me). I’m new to the webite and loving it very much. I’m a long time knitter that only knows the basic… but still very lost. This webite has helped me lot w/ most of my questions.
One thing … I checkout all the videos - cast on and advance techi…but I don’t see videos (unless I skipped it) showing -how to cast on two yarn for double sided knitting…can anyone help…much appreciated… thank you

Take a look at that page. I always do the 3rd Method.

I just posted a thread with that same question and was told you can either cast on alternating between the two colors, or cast on with both at the same time as if its one. I tried casting on with both at the same time, and it seems to work. Have not made anything yet, just practiced. just remember to cast in a total of what is called for in your pattern not of each color. for example if your pattern calls for 32 stitches to be cast on don’t cast on 32 of each. Does that make any sense?

I cast on on separate needles and the join them. It works for me.

there are lots of ways–(besides the 3 i’ve outlined in my tutorial)

you can do a double I-cord cast on,
or a magic (or turkish) and knit a few rounds(solid color) then add second color and have a solid cuff–

you can use the magic cast on using 2 yarns,(2 colors) (and start working double knitting almost immediately)

for both these methods, you hold the two needles together (3 needle bind off style–and knit them onto one needle–either after a few rows (solid cuff) or immediately (2 color magic cast on)

There are several double knitting techniques… (simple, 1 inside the other (as in socks) 2 color interlocking (jacquard)—
(all called “double knitting”–and the best method for casting on depends on which style of double knitting you are doing!