Does anyone knit diaper covers?

hello…I am sitting here using the computer and my knitting as an excuse not to do housework this morning…[I’m in australia so it is morning here]…is that a bad thing?..hehe

well its not entirely true, the dishwasher is going, the washing machine is on, the baby is asleep and the 2 yo is fed and dressed…so its not all bad.

I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 6, pretty much self taught with a few tips from mum…my latest projects have been nappy[diaper] covers, [I also sew the nappys to go with them]…I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who makes the covers too…janine

I’ve made three…one pair of longies and two diaper-cover style soakers. I don’t CD, but I have friends who do. Thankfully my youngest is almost out of diapers! :smiley:

I knit the two diaper cover soakers out of Malabrigo wool – absolutely the softest wool I’ve ever felt. It’s heavenly…IMHO the perfect wool for soakers!

hi julie, nice to meet you…i dont know much about different wool types, what we get here in oz is different to what you get where you are, but I use mostly 100% pure marino wool…we live in a very small country town so local supplies are very limited.
I am testing a pattern at the moment on a ball of cheap acrylic yarn, I have seen some soakers made from acrylic, and since they dont have to be lanolised, figured I’d make a test one and use it on my baby if the pattern turns out. Not my favourite yarn but I had a spare ball and didnt want to waste the good stuff if it wasnt going to work…janine

WOW… you must have a LOT of diapers to knit!!! I’ve made a few pairs, for girlfriends, from a free pattern, that’s afairly easy. I can type it up if you want.

I have a good collection…hehe…but hey…you can never have enough knitted stuff right?..

actually I dont keep all of them, have sold quite a few over the last couple of years…just a good excuse to knit another one.
Apart from a couple of months I have only ever had one kid in nappys at a time, so have had plenty of time between babies to stock up for the next one.

Might have to try knitting one on round needles…have never used them before so could be a whole new experience…janine

I’m in the process of knitting my first wool cover. The pattern is from Little Turtle Knits, and so far it’s been an excellent project. Theresa works really hard to make sure her instructions are clear. I cloth diaper my daughter, and just LOVE all the cute covers out there. I primarily use AIO’s, and mostly Angelwraps at that, so I don’t use wool covers much. But they’re fun to knit, and maybe I’ll sell them someday. I would LOVE to learn how to dye my own yarn and get some cool colorways going.

I want to make some wool longies for winter, which I think my little one would definitely wear. And I’m about to start making her a little cardigan, once I’m done knitting my son’s Hanukkah request - a Gryffindor scarf from Harry Potter.

I’ll post a pic of my cover WIP in the next couple of days.

Whose obsession with cloth diapering and wool covers is just not-so-normal.

Oh, let me tell ya - if you thought KNITTERS were obsessive about wool, it ain’t NOTHIN’ compared to moms who are into boutique quality cloth diapers. I’ve seen moms pay upwards of $175 for a shirt and longies custom set, just to have the cache of the brand, and the custom colorways. Those of us who love cloth diapering and covet certain brands are known as hyenas.

Some beautiful work can be found on

For those of you who enjoy knitting baby things and have a talent for color, it can be very profitable.


I have seen some of those …amazing isnt it when you consider that really…they are just poo catchers…lol…admittedly some of them are really lovely…but no way would I pay that much for something thats likely to be pooped in…lol…janine

I got my patterns from Tiny Bird Organics – there are free soaker & longie patterns on the site but you can also purchase a kind of “extended” version of the patterns too. I’m not very fond of flat knitting, so I converted the soaker pattern so it’s mostly knit in the round – I added short rows in the bum and they turned out really well! :smiley:

ooh thats lovely…great colour, i’ll have to dig up a pic of mine… i bought the pattern ages ago from the uk…janine

Julie, those are beautiful! :inlove:

I have the yarn and the Little Turtle Knits soaker/longies pattern all ready to go, to make two pairs of longies, but I have to wait till I get all my other projects done first (am working on gifts for Christmas and a friend’s baby right now). I am really excited to get started.

I’m not remotely a hyena and can’t imagine paying what some are willing to pay for wool covers (especially since I have to get double everything! :shock: ). That’s why I’m psyched to try making some cute stuff myself.

Julie, where do you get the Malabrigo yarn? I bought Manos colorways for my longies but am concerned that it will be too itchy. Am currently knitting a hat with it, and though it’s a beaut, it feels a bit rough to me for baby skin (esp. compared to the longies I already own, which I think are probably knit w/ merino).

I got my Malabrigo at my LYS. It’s pricey, but when you think of it as $11 for a soaker (instead of $11 for a skein of yarn :shock: ) it’s much less painful. It’s just so perfectly, wonderfully soft. I was worried that it was a bit too heavy but the recipients assure me that they fit under jammie pants and are working great! :smiley: