Does anyone here sell their knit things on Etsy?

I’m curious, what do you make? And how it that going for you, is business good?

I plan on opening an Etsy shop & selling, amungst other things, knit fingerless gloves and knit cuffs. Perhaps even knit iPod cases, and later on, much more… I’m a little nervous about the outcome.

It’s very hard to sell your hand knits for what we think they are worth, but it’s worth a try.

Also be aware that many patterns have copyrights and don’t allow you to sell items made from those patterns. If it doesn’t say you can try and contact the designer to ask. Better yet make up your own patterns.:thumbsup:

Copyrights don’t cover the finished item though, only the words and pictures of the pattern itself. So even though someone may put in their copyright not to sell items made from the pattern, if it’s a US designer it’s not valid really, it can’t be legally enforced. In the UK and other parts of the commonwealth that’s covered by design rights which is completely different. With a pattern made by a designer in those countries, it is a valid request.

I have sold a few knitted items on Etsy; however, it’s a hard way to go. Etsy has so many sellers at this point you get lost especially if you are a new seller.

Etsy does no promoting on their own. They expect you to do all the advertising and promoting for them. Then when you spend all that time advertising and promoting and finally make a sale Etsy recommends other shops that the buyer might be interested in. Hey, I’m the one who did the advertising, I made the sale but they are recommending other shops for that buyer to go to - not fair in my opinion.

I keep my shop open only because it is so cheap. However, I have stopped putting Etsy on my business cards and put only my own personal website on my business cards.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I haven’t but have thought about it. I’m trying to learn to crochet better so I can make some amigurumi original stuff but I think that’s a long way off…

I sell stuff occasionally at work (just a Harry Potter-esque scarf and a cat blanket) but this is for people who appreciate that it’s something I made since they know/like me.

As previously mentioned, it would be hard to really make money on hand crafted items considering a lot of people would rather pay less for some factory made item from China…but then again,if people are shopping on etsy, then you think they would have an appreciation for home made items…what a conundrum. [/COLOR]

What’s to lose by opening your Etsy shop and giving it a whirl!?

I agree with Suzeeq, but I appreciate what Jan cautioned. I think you should try to open your shop with items you’ve designed and developed on your own. Even though you can legally sell things you’ve knitted from a copyrighted pattern/design…there are designers that are crazy enough to cause you grief.

I feel like I should knit a cardigan…from a copyright pattern…using $150 in yarn and offer it on my Etsy for $600…and see what happens…

Ya never know…