Does anyone have the Fiber Trends Sheep Tote Pattern?

The FT website says the pattern includes instructions for small and large size, but doesnt say what those sizes ARE. I dont wanna have my LYS order it if Im not sure Im gonna use it. If some kind soul could tell me how large the large is and what kind of yardage it takes (is the yarn doubled?) Id be much obleeged!

I love that tote and would like to make it, too! Good questions!

Wouldn’t it depend on the size of the sheep you need to tote around? Lamb or ewe? :wink:


If you check out the picture, the needles in the large one are probably 10 inchers and the dpns in the small one are probably 6.

SMARTY PANTS, GM!! :rofling:

I found it available on the Ram Wools site here as a kit. Here is the text from the description:
Yarn and Pattern sold separately

We recommend using Alafoss Lopi 100% wool

Needles: 8mm (US 11) 60cm (24") circular, 8mm (US 11) double point and 9mm (US 13) double point

Small Bag: 9" X 8" takes 3 balls
Large Bag: 14" X 13" takes 6 balls
(Quantities do not include natural fleece roving for sheep motif)

When I was younger, I heard rumors about a guy in high school that toted sheep… but you don’t wanna hear about that.

THANKS, Nicole!! :heart:

Trucker…you are NAUGHTY! You’ll fit in here JUST FINE! :roflhard:

You’re welcome. Funny thing is that the Ram’s web site usually drives me a bit crazy because the descriptions don’t have enough of a description! Oh! and I was looking at that very pattern on Friday when I was there, but didn’t study it enough to remember what the particulars were!

[size=2](Actually, they could have mentioned the third dimension of that bag…I dont know how deep it is from front to back! :lol: )[/size]

well the base is 50 knit rows…i would tell you more but i never got further than knitting those 50 rows before i got distracted and started working on something else! :rollseyes:

I have this pattern and have knitted the larger tote. Love it! Thinking of doing the smaller one when I get done with my current project list - maybe in 2025! Let me know if you have any other questions.

What WERE your finished dimensions on the large bag, Ben??

It’s roughly about 10" high, 13" deep and 3-4" across the sides. I made mine with Noro Big Kureyon. I only ran it through the wash 3 times - it felted pretty quickly. I don’t know if that would make a difference if you use different wool.

I use mine to carry my knitting around in. It comfortably holds my project & pattern, notions bag and a few skeins of yarn. Of course, not an afghan but a scarf or baby sweater. :slight_smile: