Does anyone have Knitters/ tennis elbow?

I’m really depressed I am self diagnosed because I went to the Dr twice and no one had a clue of what I had. But after doing research it is so obviously tennis elbow. On the phone the Dr agreed with me and said to take it easy and if bothers me come back in. I have been unable to knit…are you ready…since mid July! Yes it is getting a bit better but not completely. Has anyone been through this before? What did you do?

Thanks in advance

is that what that is? LOL You know, my elbow has been bothering me and I never thought about it being from knitting. I haven’t done anything about it … yet. I do get massages and that helps - and I take glucosamine and condroitin - have for a long time.

I posted about this last year, not sure if it would help you, but apparently it’s designed for people with painful joints
Knitting Aid

I haven’t but my best friend has.

She got a cortisone shot and that worked. Only thing is if she knits too long it will start up again.

I don’t know if it matters, but she is an extremely tight knitter. I knit on the loose side and never have issues even though I have spent up to 8 hours knitting in a day.

Thanks all for your input.

I use circular needles so I’m not sure how the knitting aid would work. Hmmm I could just try resting my arm on a pillow.

And yes I knit tightly. But I do not knit for extended periods of time. I think because I am right handed and it is my right arm it is difficult for it to heal.

At first I couldn’t even pick up a cup of coffee, or use the computer mouse or keyboard without its hurting really badly. Now it aches but it is not excruciating when I do those things. But I’ve had to alter grocery shopping, cooking, laundry etc.

I’m sort of bummed because I had some holiday gifts I had been planning on making.

I get all kinds of aches and pains in my hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders if I knit for too long (or wash windows, scrub floors, paint walls…any repetitive movements will do it),

I stopped knitting for a long while because of it…but then lost a lot of joy. SO! what I do now:

knit for shorter spells, taking breaks.
Rub arnica oil on the aching parts of my body
Take SAMe for joint improvement ( can’t do glucosamine, hurts my stomach)
Relax when knitting, take lots of deep breaths and appreciate how much I love knitting.
Drink more water (to clean out the system - most people don’t drink enough water). I believe it helps the joints too.
Take yoga classes all year except summertime.
Learn different ways to knit. I can now do both English and continental style, so I vary the way I knit.
In English style, I usually carry the yarn over my right finger and knit quite quickly, but if sore, I can also knit the way children are taught, with large movements for each stitch.

Good luck!..and keep smiling through the pain. But I won’t give up knitting.

Yup - came upon me this spring! I totally know what you mean; can’t tell you how many cups-o-joe I almost dropped!

I didn’t stop knitting, but had to remind myself to stop and stretch out my arm fairly frequently or it was totally useless! Funny thing is that I realized just the other day that it was much better! It kinda just slowly “healed” on it’s own. It is still slightly sore/stiff if I keep it bent for long periods of time, but nothing that I can’t deal with.

Basically with tennis elbow I’ve been told it just gets better with time…patience - ugh!

Thanks for all your advice and responses. I bought one of those pressure velcro wraps that you put below your elbow. Sadly it makes it feel worst. I also bought a cold or warm sleeve. I think I’ll give that a try today.

Have you talked to your doctor about anti-inflammatories (like ibuprofen) or physical therapy? I know some people have also had better luck switching to continental knitting because it relieves some of the strain on the right hand. My heart goes out to you, not knitting stinks!!!

thanks farmgirl. I’m one of those people that ibuprofen actually causes inflammation :(. The next step may be physical therapy. We’ll see. Yes, not knitting stinks :frowning:

What it is, is tendonitis. There are some things you can do:

–If it’s your right arm, move your arm in front of you as if crossing your arms, only take your left thumb (as your left hand is palm toward your body), and deeply massage the muscles/tendons on the top of your right arm–right about on the pad, just down from from the crease of the elbow joint. It should hurt like the dickens if you do it right and it’s inflamed! :wink: Do it deeply and properly, and you’ll find the middle finger on your right hand twitching as you massage. Do that regularly to reduce the inflammation and work the knots out of the muscle.

–whenever you knit, use a support that you can get for tennis elbow–just a band to go around the arm just below the elbow. That helps support that area while you knit. Something like this. (We’re a family of musicians and knitters and we all have these supports!)

–take breaks from knitting every few rows, or however often you need to.

–you can ice it as well!

–knit on a pillow in your lap to support your arms

–Try something like Icy/Hot or BenGay. I use a natural product called Sombra that I get from my chiropractor. That sort of thing will bring relief.

–don’t forget typing and other repetitive motion activities will exacerbate the problem.

The main thing is to let it heal before you knit very much at a sitting. My dd was warned she might never play her flute again, but followed her instructions and is good as new–just has to be careful. I have flare-ups every so often, and follow these instructions–it works great.

Sadly I still am not knitting but have been thinking of taking it up again so ventured back to the board. I saw your message and will try your advice. Thank you

You may not be able to knit as much as you used to, but if you take it slowly and stop and rest at the first sign of any discomfort it may be okay. In fact take breaks regularly so it doesn’t start up again. Nice to see you again. :thumbsup:

My elbow still bothers me from when I broke it. My doctor said I probably have tennis elbow. I had an arm band, which worked sometimes and didn’t other times. I was off knitting (and practically everything else) for a month or two when I had surgery. The surgery worked, up until about the past three weeks, and my arm has suddenly started hurting again. I suspect that it could be from knitting too much (could that ever be possible? sigh). I’ve kind of slowed down the knitted the past week, and it seems a bit better.
When it starts to bother me, I just pump it back and forth, and sometimes it goes away. If it doesn’t, then I just stop for the moment. Sometimes though, I’m so used to it, I often just keep going through the pain. But, then I pay for it later.
My best suggestion is, don’t wait for the pain to make you stop. You can often feel it coming on, so stop before it actually hurts. Even if you can only knit for two minutes at a time like this, it’s better than not knitting at all!!!

I had that happen to me for the first time this year. I finally went to my doctor and he gave me a short of cortizone and something else. So there are other things that can be done.

It hurt for at least a month after the shot. I finally just tried to do as little as possible. I blame the xmas cleaning i did so i didn’t do ANY cleaning or anything that i needed to do that would cause me to need to squeeze or put pressure on my right hand. It finally let up after that.

The cortisone will sometimes clear up the pain, sometimes not, but it’s just a bandaid - it doesn’t help the problem actually go away.