Does anyone have a very basic/simple tank top pattern

I’ve been searching online for a free pattern for a for my body type and I’m just not sure. I am a 42DD and 36/38inch Ok 40inch if I don’t want the muffin top waist and most of these tank tops are for shapely and smaller frames. I don’t want to knit something and then have it look like a bag filled with sausages. I you get what I mean.

I think what I am looking for is something in stockinette st. No thin straps, no lace, no ribbed hems ,no cleavage shots,no form fitting .
Also, I just read that Cotton yarn will stretch the longer you have it on. I thought cotton would be the best yarn to use for a summer top? I wanted to try and knit some tank tops up for work, that’s why I need something very simple and machine washable and dryer safe and , something that will not be hot.
I work in a Elementary school and summer cleaning is very hot and sweaty work. There is no AC.:hot:

Cotton works fine, it does stretch a bit when you wear it, but goes back to it’s knit size when washed and dried. If you knit it in a biased/diagonal pattern, it won’t stretch much at all. The chevron rib tank could work. You may need to sign up for the site to download the pattern, but don’t have to subscribe to the newsletters. If you make the largest size I think that will work for you, the ribbing helps snug it in without being too tight.

How about this?

Free only?

This one is really pretty so I’m including it even though it doesn’t match all your criteria. It is the correct sizing though.

This one isn’t free, but it’s only $5-6 I think. It’s pretty basic.


hey here’s a link for you it’s a free site call Ample knitter it’s for the healthy lovers of the world myself included and check it out you can also email me thru here and i do have a the formula to take a skinny mini pattern to adjust to fit us in my " you can wear any sweater" book that i can transcribe and get to you also


lol oh yeah the link