Does anyone have a nice simple tea-cosy pattern?

I’m trying to teach myself to knit, so that i can make my girlfriend a tea-cosy, but i can’t seem to find any simple, plain tea-cosy patterns. Any help would be greatly welcomed!



No, but I have a nice, simple way to FIND tea-cosy patterns:) . Go to and look for the home stuff in their directory. All of their patterns are free, but for some, you have to sign up. The other thing is to go to, a great site for knitters. You do have to sign up to participate, but once you do, you can search for “tea cosy” in patterns (also try cosie, cozy and cozie) and you’ll find lots of things. Some will be free, some aren’t. The great thing about that site is that you can look at what other people have done with the patterns and their comments about it (“this is great and easy”, or “this pattern doesn’t work well and is missing some directions”, or “this looks best in very light colors”, etc.).

Not sure how easy a tea cozy is to learn on, but here’s a few. Simple ones are few…most are very fancy!

You might want to start on something simpler to learn then do one.