Does anyone have a link to mermaid fingerless gloves?

Hello all you lovely knitters!

I have been seeing some GORGEOUS fingerless mittens on a few blogs and I’ve come to read that they are in a “mermaid” pattern. I think there’s a photo of them on the ravelry mainpage for “mermaid fingerless gloves”, but sadly, I have to wait until TOMORROW (I know, right?) for my invite. I was SO close to getting one today…sigh
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Anyhow, would anyone know of a pattern for these anywhere else on the net? I’m sure this kind of thing would be easy to look up on Ravelry tomorrow, but if anyone has another link, that would be great!:mrgreen:

There is no full pattern for these, but a general description of how they were done.

I found a simple pattern on
You might also try
They have tons of glove patterns.
Good luck!