Does anyone else use the Norwegian method of purling?

I just LOVE this method! I can’t beleive it isn’t a favorite of evey knitter!

Are there any others out there that love it as much as I do?

If you’ve tried this and didn’t like it, why didn’t you like it?

I tried it and liked it, but it seemed like my purl stitch was way too loose. I especially liked not having to bring the yarn to the front…useful with something like k2p2

I use it when I don’t care if my stockinette is loose or not - If I’m trying to get a firm fabric I tend to use the Combination purl. But generally I hate purling any other way - They’re awkward and not as fast for me.

I’ve never heard of this method. Is there a website that shows how to do it? I’d wecome an easier, and faster way to purl.

Amy has a video of it here. I don’t knit Conti so it’s all foreign to me. :slight_smile:

My experience is this: it’s too much motion for straight purling. It makes my hands tired. It’s great if you have a couple of purls thrown in with the mostly knits (I still use it when that’s the case).

Otherwise, I found that my speed and tension were better once I learned to purl continental. And my hands were not tired. :wink:

I purl Norwegian! I tried the regular conti purl when I switched from English, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. I like Norwegian because you move your needle, not the yarn, where conti has that weird bit where you push the yarn with your finger- yuck! I prefer not to keep the yarn as still as possible and do the work with the needles. :slight_smile: