Does anyone else get into a rut?

I was just wondering because as much as I HATE seaming I to this day would rather make two-needle mittens than even consider knitting them in the round. I guess I need some motivation to try something new. I don’t seem to have a problem when it comes to other projects, just mittens.

I LOVE knitting in the round…it’s fun! Perhaps if you try your mittens using 2 circs instead of dpns?! Or…a new, fun, mitten pattern?! Or…new, fun mitten yarn…there ya go :wink:

I hate seaming too, but I also like flat knitting. But if I seam as I go along and don’t hold the whole thing off till the end it’s not that bad. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself :roflhard: ) Just like sewing…I don’t mind doing the actual sewing, but hate hate hate cutting out the pattern, marking the darts etc.[/b]

Knitting in the round is wonderful! :inlove:

It’s not difficult, and best of all, if you’re working in stockinette, NO PURLING!

I’m in one right now but its not knitting flat… although I do not like seams and avoid if possible but I’m in scarf rut!! LOL

I think you should give the dpns a try I made some mittens last weekend very fast and no seaming!! :cheering: