Does Acrylic get soft after washing?

I am making a throw with 100% acrylic, liked the color and felt soft on the roll, but, now that I’m knitting, it doesn’t feel as soft. Is this washable and will it get soft after doing so? If not, I want to return my unused stuff and get something else before I spend anymore time on this.

Depends on the yarn- what are you using? You can read the label to see if it’s washable- acrylic usually is. I have used caron simply soft on a number of occasions knitting for my kids, and it starts out soft and gets even softer. You could try knitting up a small swatch and washing it to see what happens.

I have even made an afghan from Red Heart Supersaver and once it was washed it felt great. It softened tremendously.

I would wash a test swatch, I have many crocheted afghan sand some are 10yrs old and I still don’t think they’re “soft”. I love them b/c they are heavy and warm, but when you say soft I think of some old cotten blankets I have, not the acrylic ones. As I say this I should mention I don’t like wool or cashmere either as I find them itchy and rough.

I accidentally washed a hat that I made in bernat satin and when it came out it was even softer than before, but it also completely lost its shape and any elasticity that it had.

:slight_smile: That is exactly what this is. Red Heart Super Saver. I got it from Walmart. Since I was beginning, wanted to use cheap, but, now that I have kinda gotten the hang of it faster than I thought I would, I want it to be soft as I’m making a cable throw.

And it is washable. I use Snuggle fab softener, that should help, right?

It’s been my experience that Red Heart Supersaver softens up a lot after washing. I think they put sizing in the yarn (like the stuff they put in fabric), and after you wash and dry it (I also use Bounce sheets in my dryer), it’s tons softer than it is coming right off the skein.

I used fabric softener in the wash the same as I do for most of my clothes and threw it in the dryer for about 15 minutes on delicate and it was great.
My sister wanted it and she uses it on her bed and says she loves how soft it feels.

Thank you everyone!!!

It will soften up after washing and another thing that helps is to use a size or 2 larger needle. I know the labels `say’ use such and such, but that’s really to show what weight range the yarn falls in to. You can use a larger one, still get nice stitches and what you knit will be a lot softer.

it really does matter what you are using.