Doctor Who KAL

Seriously, we all knew this was coming. :teehee:

This is the place to share all your Doctor Who knitting. (I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you happen to [SIZE=“1”]crochet[/SIZE] a dalek, that’s okay, too! We’ll still love you! :wink:) With a pattern, without a pattern, inspired by the Doctor, just like the Doctor… Basically, anything Whovian goes. :happydance:

Here’s a couple of pattern sites to get you started if you haven’t started already:
[B]Doctor Who Scarf[/B]
[B]who_knits: Pattern List[/B] - This is a big one that I think has pretty much everything out there.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots (and I mean LOTS!) of pictures! :knitting: :guyknitting: :knitting: :guyknitting:


I KNEW you’d do it, Lady Violet…!

I could sense a KAL in my future…:woohoo:

I’m in! Should be getting all my yarn in the next day or two from Ozeyarns and Yarn Source. I’ll be knitting tons and tons and posting lots of pix…yarn pr0n is middle name…well, not really! Hehe!

Thanks for posting the links, btw.

Yours in Time and Space,


Martha, it had to be done! :woot:

at the moment i am more unemployed/flat broke than i have ever been. soooo, i have decided to use up my stash! i worked across the street from ac moore for two and a half years and went over there all the time. not good since i was just starting with my knitting and didn’t really know the first thing about “nice” yarn. all i knew was that their red heart was always on sale, and it was cheap to begin with. you can imagine what happened. i learned to knit in october of some undisclosed year (i don’t remember when it was right off the top of my head and i don’t want to bother trying to figure it out) and decided i was going to knit afghans for everybody for christmas! :doh: :roflhard: i was waaay too optimistic for my own good. so now i have all this really cheap acrylic taking up space. i tried to start an irish hiking scarf once, but frogged it. after i started the first row of cables i discovered that i had somehow added some extra stitches. i was actually really glad because i hated knitting with that yarn all of a sudden. :gah: i think reading the forums spoiled me! :teehee: last night i started my own personal time lord scarf inspired by the good Doctor. basically, i’m just knitting with one color until i feel it’s time to change to another color. i’m loving it so far! i started it last night and somehow the magical combination of my KP options and what i’m actually knitting is totally overriding any previous feelings i had about this yarn! :cheering: plus, the fact that i’m basically doing this for free doesn’t hurt. :teehee:

here’s a picture of what i’m using.

most of it is red heart. the yellow is caron perfect match. the winter white is TLC essentials. the two smaller skeins my mom brought me from her storage closet. she’s an art teacher. that strangely shaped blue “thing” is my gauge swatch. i was basically figuring out how wide i wanted it. i decided to go with 7" (a CO of 37sts). i tried ten rows of stockinette to see how it compared and definitely didn’t like it as much as the garter. the garter just seems much more substantial, plus it didn’t try to curl. here’s a closeup.

lost somewhere in the corridors of the TARDIS

i’ve come to my first quandry. that didn’t take long. :roll:
i’m following chris’s suggestions for doing a color change. he says that this is how the lady who made the original scarf did it. i looked at the pictures of the orginal, and i can’t see it. this is how it’s looking in mine:

will the first three (green) stitches just kind of disappear once i knit the second row of burgundy? :shrug:

:woohoo: I’ve been wanting to make the season 12 scarf for my DH for quite some time. I’m definitely in! :happydance: It seems like WOTA might be the best wool for economic reasons. What do y’all think?

LV - I don’t know about that color change technique. I think I’ll stick to the usual.

if you scroll down on this page, there’s a list of colors in the Caron One Pound. they’re not exact, but cheap and machine washable (although they are acrylic). when i can afford to make the season 12, i’ll probably go with the brown sheep nature spun. for wool it’s not that expensive at about $3.50 a skein.

I love it Lady Violet! “Scarf Inspired By The Doctor”!

Just knit away on one colour, then just up and switch when you feel like it to keep it fun…!

I love your yarn, btw…I finally finished my Irish Hiking Scarf, used on-sale Lion Wool in kind of an ugly dark blue…more of that stash I really needed to use.

Not sure about the colour change technique…I’ll probably try it on mine and see what I think…garter stitch should be better than stockinette, I agree!

Hmm…my Jo Sharp yarn isn’t in yet, boohoo! (just got off work)…better delve into the stash again!

Hey, knitknut, excellent choice for the wool! I think that should knit up very nice…and cozy warm…maybe we’ll all be finished up by the time it starts getting cold!


I so want this. Sadly it will have to wait until the Christmas projects are at least halfway done. So I doubt I will get to start my scarf until October. But it is on my list and better late than never right?!?!?

stirsmommy, you have nothing to worry about. this KAL will be running indefinitely, even if i’m the only one keeping it alive! :woot:

stirsmommy…wow…what a great list of projects…!

I think that’s the one thing keeping me from doing a bag…the lining…! EEek!

On another note…I wonder what needles I should use for the Scarf…size 6 is what I had been thinking of for dk yarn…on circular needles (knitted back and forth, not tube). wonder what length I should use…I guess 24" would be fine…decisions, decisions…


Edit…yay…! Finally found an DW avatar 100x100 pixels and small enough KB to use!

Martha, you could just felt one.
i’m using sz.7 32" circs and my scarf only goes a few inches past the tips. of course, i only CO 37 sts. my yarn is worsted, and i think sz.7 is perfect. for DK, i would try 5 and 6 and see which one is tight without being too tight.

I don’t have the yarn yet, but count me in, too!! :woot:

Excellent, thanks!



I’ve been going insane because my Scarf yarn hasn’t arrived…

But I went to my lys to buy some Addis, and asked, “Ummm…you guys wouldn’t happen to have Jo Sharp yarn, would you?” (knowing that I’ve never seen it there).

The wonderful girl working there says, “Oh, we may have some in the storage house.” lys is in a converted frame house…they have some small houses next store to keep overstock yarn.

We walked to the other small frame houses…in one we found some balls of Embers and…lo, and behold, one ball of the Lichen colour that I can’t find anywhere…hehe!

At the other house we found a whole bag of Lichen…so I bought 5 balls total!:woohoo:

I shouldn’t have underestimated[B] HILL COUNTRY WEAVERS [/B]in Austin, Texas (couldn’t resist the shout out!)…awesome store with awesome prices!!!:notworthy:

Also picked up some Rowan Tapestry to try some Celtic knot type cables…could only afford one ball after all the Addis, etc.


i may have to start boycotting KH until i get a job. all this is making me :drool: and get :verysad: all at the same time! :roll:

[SIZE=“1”]i don’t think that’s gonna happen. it’s kind of like commercial breaks between Doctor Who eps on you tube. :teehee:[/SIZE]

[FONT=Impact][SIZE=7][COLOR=lime][B]Brilliant!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] Count me in!!:yay::cheering::woot::woohoo:

another :eyes: one!!!

It’ll have to wait until I’ve finished some other things but count me in too, be a good project for uni in October!

I’ve looked all over and can’t find a pattern for Sylvester McCoy’s vest. (The second, not the first) I’d had the bright idea to add sleeves and make it a sweater or just use it to make a scarf. Anyone have a clue as to where I can find it? (You’d think with almost 1000 pictures on my site I’d have a better one than this.)


I’m usually pretty good at finding these things…I’ll have a look around…

There HAS to be at least some kind of chart at least, if not a whole pattern.

Great idea…! Now I’m wanting to make this…AND Peter Davison’s vest/sweater (the v-neck cricket-player type item)…going to have to look at other Doctors and find more!