Doctor Who- Clockwork Droid Mask By DH!

With the insanity of my DH spending a hard 8 months in 2005/2006 building a Dalek now at a good distance, we thought it was time for another ‘Doctor Who’ project!

At first we wanted to make the pink Romana costume from ‘Destiny Of The Daleks’; we did all the research, sourced patterns, even bought a suitable wig, but try as we might, we never did find a suitable dusky pink fabric, so that idea hasn’t gotten any further. :cry:

However, I then came up with the idea of us making the Female Clockwork Droid from ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’ instead; that sort of dress is right up my avenue, and that kind of fabric is always available. But, could DH make the mask? :??

He started off with a £2.50 moulded cardboard mask from Hobbycraft and a printout of the original Female mask, sized so it would fit my face-

  • and he marked and cut the eye holes out, followed by creating a forehead area from thin card, lashings of PVA glue, and masking tape. The chin was cut off, lowered, and reattached by the same method-

The whole thing was then plastered with multiple coats of PVC glue, to even it out and strengthen it up-

A basic coat of white paint and lots of marking out later, he stuck thin strips of kiddies ‘Fab Foam’ onto the surface, outlining the eyes etc, and again plastered the whole lot with much glue-

Many coats of glue and white paint later, he got to work with some Milliput, and sculpted on the lips, nose, cheeks and the decorative pointy bit on the forehead. (The red bit on the chin is blood- poor DH, and nasty craft knife!)

Even more coats of white paint later, he started the final painting-

Eventually, it was all painted, and then he set about drawing on the cracked porcelain glaze effect, by hand, over the whole mask! A couple of coats of lacquer later, it looked like this-

-which we’re very pleased with. He says it’s far from perfect, but it photographs well and I think it looks great. :cheering: Next step now is to black out the eyes and mouth, make it wearable with Velcro straps and padding inside etc, and then to seek out a suitable wig.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got to make the dress! :shock:

That is awesome! I love that episode!

Would it be silly of me to say that i’ve only found out about Dr. Who right now, on IMDB? Mmmmmm, feel stupid now, going to bump head into the wall…
Cool mask, regardless of the series…

that’s amazing- do you and your guy do costuming for a living, or for a theater group or something? so talented!! That really shows attention to detail and fine workmanship. I can’t wait to see the dress!! I’ll have to check out your dressmaking site… (and now I’ll be hearing that craazy theme song in my head all day)

We do it for the hell of it. Mike made the Dalek himself, I sew costumes, this project we can do together.

Its amazing that he could make something like that out of a cardboard mask! Very impressive.

That is sooo cool! Hope Mike’s cut is healing okay. I can’t wait to see the whole thing put together. Since he had made the Dalek before, I was half expecting to see a human Dalek thing/mask. How you would go about getting those tentacles to move around, I don’t know.

Good luck with the rest of it… I can hardly wait!!

A last update- here’s the interior, with velcro straps added, and padded out where needed with Fab Foam to fit my little head!

-and this is the finished outside, with the eyes and mouth blacked out. The eyes are perfectly see-through from the wearer’s point of view, and yet totally blacked out from the outside, just like the neck on a Dalek- in fact, the voile fabric DH used was left over from building Rosco!

That’ll be it for now, until we buy the wig, which might be soon-ish, and then for ages until I tackle the dress. (Though I’ve pointed out to DH that the Droid had an arm weapon that he can work on next if he likes!)

A last picture, of the actual prop, to show anyone who doesn’t know what we’re hoping to end up with-

while you’re waiting you could always work on your robot moves. :teehee:
your dh is definitely a keeper. i LOOOVE that mask! :inlove: :heart: :inlove:
not perfect?!? he’s just being modest.

It really does look sinister now. I can’t even get my DH to change a lightbulb much less build something so cool… lucky you!

That is fantastic!i can’t wait to see you all dressed up! its so amazing how he hand drew all the porcelin cracks. at the craft store here, they sell a paint that does that. you paint on the color you want to be the cracks, then paint over with the cracking paint. i love the look you dh achieved much better though! wow!!

Wow that is one cool looking mask! Props to your DH :slight_smile:

[SIZE=5][B][COLOR=Red]WOW!! [/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]:zombie: Your DH did a [I]SPECTACULAR[/I] job!! That is sooooo cool!!